Mobile Apps

Failing to deliver a fast, high quality mobile
app experience will cost you.

40% uninstall apps based on a prior unsatisfactory experience1

80% will use a problematic app three times or less2

53% uninstall or remove the mobile app when it stops responding or crashes3

69% say app issues caused them to have a lower opinion of the company that created the app3


Exceed customer expectations with
mobile apps they’ll love.

Mobile opens up new revenue streams and new ways of engaging customers, but it also introduces development and operational challenges.

How can you meet today's mobile mandate? Anticipate user needs, and create experiences that are fast and relevant based on context to drive increased impressions, conversions, and brand loyalty.



Deliver rich, personalized experiences to your users,
faster and more easily than ever before.

Automated Acceleration

Detect device capabilities and automatically determine the optimal time to push content and pre-connect to third-party resources.

Adapt image format, size, and compression to deliver user experiences that are fast, seamless, and optimized for each user’s browsing context.


Maximize user loyalty with
customized app experiences.

Mobile Application Performance SDK

Pre-position content to deliver more consistent experiences across varying network conditions – even when connectivity is lost.

Reduce latency in last-mile networks and tune mobile experiences over time using custom metrics.


Deliver seamless user experiences even over
congested cellular networks.

Cellular Optimization

Improve performance through protocol optimizations, including real-time IPv4/6 adaptation and secure connectivity for older mobile devices.

Maximize uptime and availability with a solution that makes intelligent routing decisions based on global Internet conditions.

Start Again

Give your mobile
users what they want.
Your business will thank you.

If you aren’t already delivering high-performing mobile experiences to your customers, you’re losing out to your competition.

Determine if your app performance is leading the pack or bringing your user experience down.

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