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Akamai's DDoS attack protection services are easy to activate and have more dedicated DDoS mitigation capacity than any other provider. Our expert DDoS attack protection team knows how to stop DDoS attacks fast.

Why Akamai for DDoS Protection:

  • Seven globally distributed scrubbing centers and more than 200,000 security devices across 120+ countries and 1,600+ networks.
  • Two petabytes of constantly refreshed attack data continually analyzed for new threats on our Hadoop-driven data platform.
  • 150+ person–staffed Security Operations Center (SOC) available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Stop Every Type of DDoS Attack Fast:

  • Fast time-to-detect DDoS attacks and signature and vector changes.
  • Short time to mitigate an attack, stopping most DDoS attacks within minutes.
  • Guaranteed results with industry-leading time-to-mitigate SLAs.