About the NetAlliance Program

The NetAlliance Program is specifically designed to encourage partners to align and grow profitably with Akamai. We offer an array of benefits to our partners – where deeper participation is rewarded with further investment and growth.

NetAlliance Program
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Elements of the Program

Pricing & Rebates 

  • Get attractive discounted pricing on Akamai services in order to generate higher margins when you bundle them with your own. 
  • Gain rebates as a reward for supporting Akamai initiatives and objectives.

Training & Certification 

  • New partners are provided with free-of-charge online training and certification for sales, pre-sales, technical support and more. 
  • A secondary program offers in-depth training to partner teams who serve as dedicated resources, or as an overlay function where in-depth training and certification is provided for sales and support.
  • Partner teams will gain the skills to identify, qualify and prove the Akamai value to customers. 

Sales & Pre-Sales Support

  • Work alongside Akamai sales teams behind the scenes, and on the front lines.
  • Gain access to a comprehensive set of tools to find new opportunities and to help close deals.


  • Annual structured business planning session to devise go-to-market strategies and programs to continuously enable partners. Reviewed and refined quarterly. 
  • Access to Akamai Partner Portal to extract collateral, sales tools, marketing materials and training programs. 
  • Marketing Development Funds to help pay for lead generation activities. 
  • Work alongside Akamai to create joint success stories and refined positioning.