Cloud Embed

Deliver flawless online experiences from your cloud environment by embedding core capabilities of Akamai’s Intelligent Edge Platform.

Performance matters. That’s why cloud service providers require a content delivery network (CDN) solution as a part of their cloud offering. Organizations that manage critical workloads from the cloud need to deliver flawless performance across their websites, applications, and media content to online audiences every time.

“With the integration of Akamai’s industry-leading CDN capabilities directly into the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, customers can instantly provision and go live within minutes.”
- Sudheer Sirivara, General Manager, Azure Media
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What Is Akamai’s Cloud Embed Solution?

Cloud Embed Solution

Akamai’s Cloud Embed solution enables cloud providers to seamlessly integrate core features of Akamai’s CDN platform into their cloud environment via Akamai’s {OPEN} APIs and offer their customers delivery capabilities powered by the Akamai Edge. In optimizing the delivery of cloud-hosted workloads, Cloud Embed optimizes delivery of whole websites or applications and included objects, images, video, or large file downloads.

Market-Leading CDN Performance

Offer your customer leading performance and offload for cloud workloads.

Fully Integrated, Easy to Use

Fast to deploy, and seamlessly integrates into any cloud environment via simple API-driven capabilities that are powered by the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform

Cost Efficiency

Market-leading CDN offering without the expense of network build-out.

Global Scale and Reach

Utilizes the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform to bring content closest to end users across the globe.

Optimize Website and Application Performance

Deliver high-performing and reliable websites, and web and SaaS apps, with “any device, anywhere” global reach.

Video Streaming

Deliver the best possible online video experience — at scale — for today’s “any device, anywhere” reality.

Software, Game, and/or Large File Delivery

Deliver software, games, and large file-based digital media quickly.

100% Availability SLA

Align your brand with service predictability amidst increasing consumer expectations. Akamai will serve your content 100% of the time.

Use Case Performance Optimizations

Optimize performance for whole site delivery, including dynamic content, objects and images, large file downloads, or video content.

Advanced Protocol Support

Leverage HTTP/2 for enhanced performance and security as well as IPv6 for traffic routing across the Internet.

TLS Security

Various options for TLS security including HTTPS delivery over shared or custom certs.

Content Caching

Cache content close to end users while offloading traffic on the origin infrastructure.

Content Purge

Update content rapidly.

Usage Reporting and Log Delivery

Gain insight into usage and log data.

Site Failover

Provides continued delivery in the event of an origin failover.

Content Protection

Protect content via access control, content targeting (geo/IP filtering), and token authentication.