Gartner 2019 Critical Capabilities for Cloud WAF Services

API Gateway

A gateway that scales effortlessly with demand for your API services.

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Maximize scalability and reliability by offloading API governance to the edge




Throttling and Quota Management

Easily manage API traffic globally to ensure consumers behave the way you intend and ensure fairness of access.

Global Authentication and Authorization

Reduce network delays with support for all common mechanisms from API keys, JWT, and OAuth 2.0 at the edge.

API Response Caching

Caching for both RESTful and (uniquely) GraphQL query responses.

Reporting Dashboard

Easily troubleshoot problems with API traffic deployed on the Akamai platform.

Availability and Scale

The Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform is a massively distributed platform where every edge location serves as an API Gateway.

Developer Tools

Work the way you want, using admin API, a command-line interface, and Swagger/RAML to easily onboard your APIs.