Ion Release - Q3 2014

In a faster forward world, you need a cloud services partner that tirelessly innovates for greater self-service and maximum web performance, in every situation.

We're pleased to announce all new capabilities in Q3 2014 Akamai Ion release - adding improved self-service capabilities, access to cutting-edge features and even faster responsiveness to benefit users across networks, devices and browsers. 

We understand your need to provide the fastest, most reliable and secure web experiences possible. This release is just the latest milestone on Akamai's relentless march toward instant content delivery. Review the features added in the previous release here

If You Can Get to the First Byte Faster, Then You Can Get to all the Other Bytes Faster, Too.

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The entire web experience hinges on getting the first byte to the user - and that byte can only be delivered after an initial user DNS request has been resolved to the correct server. In Fall 2013, Akamai introduced Fast DNS to Ion, featuring Anycast network addressing, helping improve speed, resilience and security. Now, we've added Zone Apex Mapping to Fast DNS. This allows customers to configure their "root" or "naked" domain to use Akamai - removing at least one HTTP redirection, and improving the time to get to the first byte.

Additionally, with our support for eDNS0, third-party DNS solutions like Open DNS and Google DNS are easier than ever to integrate with Akamai's industry-leading web optimization solution.

Akamai's Most Powerful Web Optimizations Are Now Easier to Use Than Ever

Akamai is committed to unlocking the power of the content delivery network (CDN) to its customers. This means putting simple, comprehensive and flexible configuration tools into the hands of customers through Luna Control Center, the Akamai customer configuration portal. This release marks significant improvements to both the configuration and reporting of Akamai Ion deployments.

Confidently Optimize for the Front-End with Accuracy and Consistency

Unlike other web optimizations engines that blindly apply a standard set of rules, Akamai's front-end optimization preview tool now includes a new dynamic configuration engine. Instead of using pre-canned configurations, Akamai builds a set of optimization rules dynamically by using a sequence of diagnostic tests to identify which optimizations are compatible with the page. Then, a web performance test is run to confirm page compatibility and optimized load time, making it easier than ever for administrators to preview and apply optimizations to accelerate rendering across devices and browsers.

Origin Web Performance Report

When your site's pages begin to experience unexpected load times, you need as much visibility as possible to gain insight into what is happening along the path of delivery, from your data center all the way to the browser. In order to help provide this necessary and valuable insight, Akamai is introducing Origin Performance Reports to Ion. Origin Performance Reports are comprised of a set of data represented visually within Luna Control Center, exposing average, minimum and maximum response times from origin. By evaluating this data based on HTTP response code, customers can investigate browser redirects, page not found errors and other responses that can affect web performance, providing key debugging insight to help isolate and resolve the issue.

Our Newest, Most Cutting Edge Features are Now Available to You Now, Ahead of Your Competition

Akamai has long supported the tradition of making beta features available to its select customers before they are made available to all customers. With this release, Akamai is launching an all-new “channel” for beta features. Once subscribed to this channel, participating customers will have access to cutting edge beta features as they become available, and before they are available to general audiences. This channel will help beta customers gain access to features more quickly and easily than ever before. Best of all, there is no cost to subscribe and signing up is easy.

To start with, Akamai is making SPDY available in beta through this new channel, for more companies to take advantage of this important step along the way to HTTP 2.0. These enhanced transport protocols help improve efficiency and security to deliver better web experiences to a broad range of users.

Akamai is also introducing a new prefetching capability called Predictive Prefetch. Akamai supports a variety of prefetching algorithms designed to position as much content as close to the end user as early in the request stream as possible. Predictive Prefetching further refines these algorithms, by using analysis to determine which objects are likely to be requested by an end-user, even before the page has even been retrieved from your data center.