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Global IoT platform for data collection and real-time messaging with security at scale.

There is a problem in the IT industry today ...

As billions of IoT devices are connecting to the Internet, managing the scalability and related data is a growing and complex task.

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What is IoT Edge Connect?

Akamai’s IoT Edge Connect solution supports IoT technology by providing the global messaging network and storage infrastructure that manages and secures the device connection and data storage. Through the complete implementation of the MQTT protocol, IoT Edge Connect is designed to optimize data transmission and collection to minimize storage needs and provide real-time access to data. Using mutual authentication, the delivery of data is secured and access to the network is handled through access control technology. As IoT grows in geography and in device counts, utilizing a secure, scalable network to manage the connections and data is a critical component of ongoing operations and user acceptance of IoT.


Enable new connected service development to be faster and agile.


Access to a network that has the scale and capacity to serve the traffic needs of disparate geographic regions and offset cellular congestion.


Mitigate security risks with mutual authentication where customers can choose and customize their own managed TLS environments that include TLS versions and cipher suites.

Geographical Data Control

The ability for the customer to manage data in accordance with local privacy laws and regulations by segregated geographical jurisdictions.


Quick data return designed to allow for near-instant changes to the product or route, in cases of navigational systems. Normalize and compress data to allow for faster delivery and easier analytical review.

Improved Customer Experience

The ability to receive data alerts from designated parties quickly, based upon defined data scenarios to improve customer experience and support.

Offload of Data

Offload event data streaming to Akamai Intelligent Platform™ and reduce load on cloud data centers.

Hosted Management

Simple operation and management of millions of IoT devices from a fully managed service, including auto-scaling, failover, and data synchronization.

Robust MQTT

Efficiently and effectively transport data to and from IoT device, utilizing industry-standard technologies such as MQTT, and retain the data for search and access.

Reduced Storage

Ability to normalize and compress data to reduce the needs for mass storage.

Identifiable IP Addresses

Ability to provide network carriers with a finite set of global IP addresses to appropriately bill cellular usage and coordinate with white/blacklists.


Mitigate security risks with mutual and other kinds of authentication where customers can choose and customize their own managed TLS environments that include TLS versions and cipher suites.


Simplified workflow through API integration to a managed scalable network that is always on.

Global IoT Network

Access a network that has the scale and capacity to meet the demands of disparate geographic regions, and offset cellular congestion for the increasing numbers of connected devices or systems.

Data Transport

Efficient and reliable data transport at scale, eliminating data replication overhead and minimizing heavy Big Data ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) clusters for data preprocessing.