Consumer Consent and Preference Management

Put control over consent clearly in your customers’ hands — where your customers want it and where modern data standards require it. Your customers can update their preferences, including types of communication, email, and SMS preferences, plus how information is shared. Not only is this required for compliance with GDPR and other data protection regulations, it is what consumers now expect.

Ensure Compliance

New regulations — such as GDPR — require businesses to obtain explicit consent from customers before using their data. Also, customers need to be able to view and modify their consent at any time. The risks of noncompliance — stiff fines and erosion of brand reputation — are leading companies worldwide to modernize their consent and identity management.

Consolidate Consent

The Identity Cloud Preference Center lets users control multiple areas of consent — including email and other communication preferences, plus app settings. Your customers can get a clear snapshot of their consent profile and quickly make the adjustments they want.

Centralized Customer Data

Provide your support agents with an easy-to-use, central location for rapid resolution of username inquiries, password reset requests, and other calls from your customers — while keeping an auditable record of every change to the customer’s data record.