Beyond purchase history and product registrations, consumer identity data can be used to heighten customer experiences, trust, and loyalty. Akamai Identity Cloud takes you beyond demographic data to give you personal preference insights and segmented intelligence on customer interactions with your brand. Robust reporting, psychographics, propensity, and behavioral models let you optimize customer journeys and identify key points of activation.

Customer Insights

Get a comprehensive data-driven look at your customers across web, mobile, and IoT. Understand trends such as demographics, regional distribution, behavior, or preferences. Reveal what matters, recognize patterns, and anticipate customer needs so you can optimize customer experience for mutual benefit.

Customer Segments

Append predefined segments into each customer record. Segment data includes sector of generation, frequency of social use, geographic details, education and employment status, areas of interest, and level of engagement.

Progressive Registration and Profiling

For improved conversion and customer satisfaction, capture the information you need to welcome visitors into your virtual community and request additional information over the course of your relationship. Customize which form fields are presented based on previous entries and existing customer profile data.

MarTech Integrations

Integrate with all major digital and web analytics solutions, marketing automation systems, email and CMS providers, CDPs, MDMs, CRMs, programmatic tools, and commerce and social platforms.