With Akamai Identity Cloud, you get a modern solution that puts control at your fingertips and delivers a single, unified view of your customers across applications and devices.

Scoped Access

Configure application settings, manage user profiles and data, or access external tools and add-on products all from one place. Access control has granular permission levels, designed to ensure full control of who can do what based on roles and responsibilities.

Enable Data Management and Scoped Access
Implement scoped access for employees, customers, and trusted third parties. With scoped access, users only have access to the specific data, apps, and domains that they need. This limits the data that each individual can access and mitigates damage in case of a data breach.

Compliant by Design
Identity Cloud supports scoped access and multi-factor authentication to its own applications and dashboards. Manage who has access to your customer data through built-in business intelligence and support consoles.

Flexible Implementation
Identity Cloud supports scoped access application programming interfaces (APIs) to customer data, allowing our clients to build special user interfaces with specific levels of granularity for their individual needs and use cases. Our scoped APIs are ideal for integration with business intelligence and marketing applications that need to aggregate customer data without touching personally identifiable information (PII).

Data Governance

Availability and Reliability
Akamai Identity Cloud is built to provide reliable, high-performance access to your customer data. We employ hot live backups and static secondary backups designed to ensure the availability of your data in case of a data impacting event. Our back-end architecture provides multi-zone redundancy in the event of a failover.

Data Usability
Identity Cloud provides a single, unified view of your customers across all properties and endpoints and delivers a comprehensive identity data collection, storage, and management service.

Data Security
Akamai Identity Cloud was rated the most secure customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution in a recent independent report. Our administrative, physical, and logical security, data protection, and privacy safeguards are designed to ensure the security and privacy of our clients’ information and their customer data.