Manage Customer Identity

with Registration, Authentication, and SSO

Easily acquire and recognize customers with universal, data-rich profiles across all your digital properties. Efficiently and centrally manage customer identities and understand and influence customer journeys through registration, authentication, and preference management. Akamai Identity Cloud’s Social Login, and single sign-on (SSO) tools quickly convert visitors and provide the best possible customer experience.

Customer Registration

With comprehensive registration features that provide everything you need to create powerful registration experiences, Identity Cloud helps you acquire and recognize customers on your digital properties across web, mobile, and IoT. Registration and data collection forms, profile pages, account creation flows, password management, and field validation are available out of the box. and are customizable to meet your unique needs. The solution fully supports traditional registration and can work in tandem with social login.

  • Customizable registration and data collection forms
    Easily add registration and data collection forms that can be customized and styled to your brand and implemented across a range of customer touch points.
  • Optimized registration screens for mobile and IoT
    Create seamless and responsive registration experiences for users who interact with your brand across mobile platforms and connected devices.
  • Real-time field validation
    Use real-time validation on form fields, bad word filters, and terms of service and privacy policy acceptance. Validate email address or postal code formats in real-time, verify age or password requirements, and improve the quality of data you collect from your customers.
  • Fraud Scoring
    Get the ability to recognize fraudulent and fake accounts at registration time, before they even enter your systems and databases.
  • Conditional workflows for progressive profiling
    Dynamically trigger personalized form fields and distinct user flows based on existing customer profile data and inputs to previous fields during registration.

Social Login

Provide your customers with the option to register with their existing social network identities from Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, WeChat, and more than 30 other social networks. When used with the Akamai Identity Cloud, Social Login eliminates barriers to site entry and gives you permission-based access to your customers’ first-party identity data — making it easier for visitors to register and for you to provide personalized experiences that build stronger relationships.

  • Authentication
    Identity Cloud can help you securely manage identities with the least possible disruption. Broad authentication options, support for mobile authentication, and adaptive and multi-factor authentication make Identity Cloud a robust cloud IdP solution.
  • Authenticate against anything
    Sophisticated credential management and multiple authentication options allow your site to become a custom OpenID Identification Provider using your existing authentication framework.
  • Adaptive authentication
    Adaptive authentication escalates or deescalates authentication requirements based on fraud analytics or other factors you define.
  • Enterprise-grade security
    Identity Cloud uses protocols, such as OpenID Connect and SAML2, enables you to use data-free authentication tokens, and utilizes HTTPS for all communication.
  • Simple Identity Migration
    Migrate identity stores with zero customer impact; your customers will not need to reset their credentials.

Single Sign-On

With SSO, one login is all your customers need to effortlessly navigate across your digital properties. SSO delivers a better customer experience and reduces support costs and site abandonment rates — keeping customers logged-in and engaged as they move seamlessly throughout your apps and domains.

  • Manage access to your ecosystem
    SSO lets you choose who has access to specific sites and apps in your ecosystem. Group sites into distinct clusters to create a more controlled SSO environment for your customers.
  • Reduce support costs
    Enable your users to remember just one password for your sites and reduce demands on support for password resets.