Application Delivery Controller

Enterprises are migrating applications to the cloud at a rapid pace. But providing instant, secure and reliable access to these web applications can be a challenge. An application delivery controller can help, but selecting the right technology is paramount.

Traditional application delivery controller solutions focus on optimizing infrastructure inside the data center, but that's of little use in addressing the key challenges of cloud-based applications. Some enterprises have established a private application delivery network between the data center and end users, but this is an expensive option and, if users are globally dispersed, an ineffective one as well.

For enterprises that want to provide easier access to cloud-based web applications, Akamai offers a cloud-based application delivery controller that can help reduce costs, increase agility, maximize data security, and improve the productivity of the work force.

Akamai's cloud-based application delivery controller

Akamai Ion is a cloud-based application delivery controller that lets organizations deliver their web based applications quickly, reliably and securely to any user on any device, anywhere in the world. As an application delivery controller, Ion places application deployment and delivery capabilities within the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, enabling web application delivery optimizations to be distributed globally and placed close to users and data centers throughout the world. With a unique cloud-based network architecture, Akamai's application delivery controller also enables web applications to migrate seamlessly across clouds and data centers, with optimizations moving automatically with the application.

Application delivery controller features of Akamai Ion

Akamai Ion offers comprehensive features as an application delivery controller.

Performance features include:

  • Akamai Sure Route, a dynamic Internet mapping protocol that selects the best route after analyzing all perspective routes between a cloud data center and end-users.
  • Akamai Instant, technology that speeds page load times by retrieving the next pages most likely be requested, based on origin analytics.
  • Enhanced Akamai Protocol, which increases efficiency at the TCP layer when fixed-line networks are congested, and reduces the number of round trips that users must take to access requested application data.
  • Front End Optimization, which speeds downloading and rendering of application web pages by identifying the device that users are using and then rewriting HTML and modifying images, JS, CSS and other page objects.

Availability features include:

  • Cloud Balancing, for better balance of traffic between multiple network data centers.
  • Origin Health Reporting, providing insight on origin response times and alerting IT administrators when it drops below a certain threshold.

Scalability features include:

  • Akamai Intelligent Platform™, which offers offload capability for all applications and optimizes web application delivery regardless of where applications are hosted or end-users are located.
  • InstantConfig, which deploys and provisions multiple web applications quickly, using Akamai portal activation.

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