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Akamai has developed a series of white papers to provide insight on industry trends, our infrastructure, and business value of our products and solutions.

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  • The Case for a Virtualized CDN (vCDN) for Delivering Operator OTT Video

    The ongoing shift from hardware-based, dedicated network functionality to software-based networking built on virtualized infrastructure appears to be in full swing. Many industry observers believe that Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), which play a critical role in the delivery of high-quality video, provide an excellent use case for deployment within these evolving frameworks.
  • Technalysis: Caching the Cloud

    Viewers are increasingly consuming video on-demand instead of watching content on a broadcast schedule. For content delivery networks (CDNs) and CDN service providers, this creates new challenges for content delivery infrastructure. In the Technalysis white paper, you'll learn how cloud-based solutions can drastically reduce or even eliminate QoS limitations across your CDN.

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