Web Performance

Accelerate websites to grow revenue and conduct business globally - on any device, anywhere

Connected audiences expect instant, reliable, secure access to websites and applications – from any device, anywhere. Akamai Web Performance Solutions help you engage consumers with fast, personalized online experiences, enabling you to increase revenue opportunities, gain IT agility and scale globally.

  • Ion

    High-performance web and mobile experiences, optimized for any device, network and browser – regardless of the connectivity situation

    • Deliver high-performing web, mobile and app experiences
    • Increase online conversions and user engagement
    • Optimize for both cellular and Wi-Fi connections
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  • Dynamic Site Accelerator

    Network optimizations to deliver rich, dynamically generated content

    • Deliver faster website and application performance for highly interactive content
    • Provide network capacity on demand to meet peak web traffic
    • Deliver SSL-protected site content and mitigate Internet security risks
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  • Fast DNS

    Cloud-based DNS for improved performance, availability and resiliency against DDoS attacks

    • Improves DNS response by up to 75 percent
    • Improve availability of DNS services for global users
    • Protects DNS infrastructure against the largest DDoS attacks
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  • Global Traffic Management

    Global load balancing across multi data center and cloud environments

    • Optimize network availability so users can always reach your applications and site
    • Instantly failover and re-route traffic between any origin location in the case of an outage
    • Scale your website and applications globally without growing load-balancing IT infrastructure
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  • IP Application Accelerator

    Fast throughput for IP-enabled business processes

    • Improve IP application performance to global enterprise users
    • Optimize routes, minimize trips and reduce packet loss
    • Scale automatically to address peak traffic and detect/avoid security threats
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  • Image Manager

    Simplify and automate the creation and delivery of optimized web-ready images

    • Deliver the right image to every user on any device, anywhere
    • Policy-based transformation to quickly create robust image variants
    • Real-time image conversion delivers the optimal image at the time of request
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Extend your investment with Akamai using controls and capabilities that help simplify your web operations and improve user experiences

  • Speed time to market for web site and application projects
  • Save time and cost associated with custom development at your data center
  • Gain hands-on control over user experiences through the Cloudlets Policy Manager and APIs
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