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Website & Mobile Performance

Accelerate websites and business applications — on any device, anywhere

Great web and mobile experiences are key to engaging users, yet difficult to achieve. To drive engagement and online revenue, it’s critical to optimize performance for consumer audiences and employees alike to meet or exceed their expectations for consistent, fast, secure experiences. With our Internet expertise, proven technology, and global infrastructure, Akamai will give you the tools to tackle the most demanding web experience challenges.

Akamai Consumer Experience

Performance Matters

Fractions of a second can impact your bottom line. Learn key consumer insights and expectations for mobile performance.

Akamai Web Mobile Performance Fast Mobile Experiences

Deliver Fast Mobile Experiences

Learn to optimize APIs, mobile apps, and mobile websites to deliver great user experiences that engage customers.

Akamai Web Mobile Performance Optimize Your Images

Optimize Your Images

Don’t let web images slow you down. Reduce image complexity in a responsive world.

Building High Performance Experiences

  • Mobile App Performance
    Forrester dives into the problem areas that impede mobile app performance and offers guidance to tackle these challenges and make performance a priority.

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  • Put Web Images on a Diet
    Forrester examines the challenges and complexity rich media is causing for web performance and user experience. Learn how to optimize images to maintain acceptable performance.

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  • Enterprise Application Delivery
    Move critical business applications to the Cloud to meet the demands of today’s mobile and global workforce.

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Web Performance Solutions

  • Akamai Solutions Brief for Mobile Performance
    Our mobile solutions are built to optimize performance, simplify development and operations for your business and provide your customers with the best mobile experience.

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  • Akamai Ion Product Page
    Learn about web performance solutions and high-performance web and mobile experiences, optimized for any device, network and browser - regardless of the connectivity situation.

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