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Great web and mobile experiences are key to engaging users, yet difficult to achieve. To drive engagement and online revenue, it’s critical to optimize performance for consumer audiences and employees alike to meet or exceed their expectations for consistent, fast, secure experiences. With our Internet expertise, proven technology, and global infrastructure, Akamai will give you the tools to tackle the most demanding web experience challenges.

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Building High Performance Experiences

  • The Top Technologies to Cure Mobile Performance
    This Forrester Report from Mark Grannan explains how to tackle the device, bandwidth, and location challenges to appeal to a user's perception of performance to drive engagement and conversions.

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  • Report: Security and Frontend Performance
    This new O'Reilly report explores browser-based solutions that can beef up security and enhance end-user performance in one stroke.

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  • Report: A Billion Mobile Sites Spark No Joy
    Read this new Forrester report and learn how to win, serve, and retain customers in their mobile moments of need.

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  • White Paper: Maximizing ROI from Akamai Ion
    Blue Triangle allows you to validate and quantify your return on investment from Ion and maximize performance investments on an ongoing basis.

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  • The Mobile Application Development Playbook
    Forrester dives into the problem areas that impede mobile app performance and offers guidance to tackle these challenges and make performance a priority.

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  • Put Web Images on a Diet
    Forrester examines the challenges and complexity rich media is causing for web performance and user experience. Learn how to optimize images to maintain acceptable performance.

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Web Performance Solutions

  • Akamai Solutions Brief for Web Performance & Security
    Whether you sell to customers over the web, manage partners in an increasingly global supply chain, or connect with employees contributing from around the world, your business is more and more dependent on the web to be fast and secure in order to succeed. Akamai can help you navigate challenges and deliver the best web experience to your customers.

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  • Product Brief: Akamai Cloud Performance & Security Solutions
    Akamai's cloud solutions can help your business deliver instant web experiences while protecting your applications from downtime and data theft.

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  • Akamai Solutions Brief for Mobile Performance
    Our mobile solutions are built to optimize performance, simplify development and operations for your business and provide your customers with the best mobile experience.

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  • Akamai Ion Product Page
    Learn about web performance solutions and high-performance web and mobile experiences, optimized for any device, network and browser - regardless of the connectivity situation.

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