Web & Mobile Performance

Accelerate websites and business applications — on any device, anywhere

In today's hyperconnected world, business performance is directly related to web and mobile performance. Consumers expect websites to respond instantly, no matter what device they use or where they are. Enterprise employees are engaging on their own devices and expect the same access to their business applications as the consumer sites they visit. Akamai applies intelligent optimization techniques from the network, to the device, to the browser in order to deliver fast, rich, dynamic web experiences.

Akamai Web and Mobile Optimization

Optimize the Online Experience

Performance directly impacts engagement and online revenue. Learn how to optimize performance for consumer audiences and employees alike in order to meet their expectations for consistent, fast, secure experiences.

Akamai White Papers

Next Gen CDN's Buyer's Guide

The pressure to deliver great online experiences is greater than ever. It has to be faster. It has to perform. It has to be more secure. Learn the key considerations for today's next generation CDN.

Akamai Web Performance

Test Your Site Performance

Can you deliver industry-leading performance regardless of whether users are accessing your content on a desktop or mobile device? Register for a free site performance report with detailed response time data from multiple locations and insight into performance improvements you could achieve with Akamai.

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