Platform Update

Meet the World’s Most Distributed Compute Platform

April 2022 Akamai Platform Update: Cloud to Edge

Build more powerful digital experiences — faster

Start transforming your application architecture

See what kind of new, powerful digital experiences you can create by moving workloads to the edge.

A conversation with Nils Rehm of CTS Eventim

Learn how Rehm’s team builds and delivers personalized, secure events for millions of fans using Akamai.

Protect your customers, data, and apps from the increasing threat of cyberattacks

Keep trust high and friction low for your customers

New security protections — against bots, API data loss, and in-browser threats — let you innovate with confidence.

A conversation with Jim Ferolo, CIO of Maui Jim

Ferolo describes why securing front-end applications has been essential to growing Maui Jim’s ecommerce business.

Embrace Zero Trust to empower your employees

Take one step toward Zero Trust

Each step toward Zero Trust reduces your odds of a breach and can be done without trading off productivity.

A conversation with Stephan Rink, Aareal Bank Group

Rink discusses why he invested in microsegmentation and how security propels growth for his bank.

Build, run, and secure your future — cloud to edge

Build the Future on Akamai

Our new distributed compute solution lets developers build and deliver superior experiences to every user on any app.

A conversation with Macrometa CEO Chetan Venkatesh

Venkatesh gives his view of this watershed moment for the cloud and its effect on distributed data and compute.

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