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Vaccine Edge

Help people easily access up-to-the-minute vaccine info & book appointments.

With so many people accessing our vaccination site all at once, we needed to make sure we wouldn’t be overloaded by traffic. Thanks to Akamai’s out-of-the-box Vaccine Edge solution and despite enormous public demand, the scheduling process has been relatively smooth and uneventful — and Penn State Health is proud of the work we’ve done to help vaccinate thousands of people.

Cletis Earle, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Build a better vaccine site: immune to peaks & threats

Handle sudden traffic spikes — no system overloads

Safeguard your mission continuity at all times — even in unpredictable peaks of demand.

Keep visitors on your site with a pain-free wait

Give them an estimated wait time, place in line, and more. Reduce site abandonment.

Protect your vaccine site from cyberattacks

Stay safe from DDoS, botnet, and web application attacks — automatically and proactively.

Manage your vaccination queue with unrivaled intelligence

Branded waiting room

Automatically direct your visitors to the right place as soon as the back end frees up.

Smart content delivery

Cache website content, accelerate requests that can’t be cached, and filter out malicious traffic.

Lightning-fast setup

In just a few hours, your site can check eligibility, set appointments, manage locations, and more.

Web application firewall

Stay safe from attacks like SQL injection, XSS, LFI, and more. Virtually no maintenance.

DDoS protection

Monitor clients that exceed request-rate thresholds. Block violators in less than one second.

Granular control

Configure the front end and back end. Control traffic automatically by setting threshold levels.


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