Lunch and Learn Webinar Series

Technical solutions, inspiration, and insights designed to help you build fast, intelligent, and secure experiences at the Edge.

We've curated a series of webinar topics that provide news, information, and insights to help you create faster user experiences, optimize content delivery, and shorten time to production.

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Explore how to create your own services using JavaScript and deploy them across the Akamai platform bringing data, insights, and decision-making closer to the users and systems that act upon them.

Episode 4 – June 17


Learn how Akamai for DevOps allows developers to seamlessly and easily incorporate powerful cloud tools and technologies directly into existing workflows for maximum speed and efficiency.

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IoT Edge Connect

Learn how to provide communication and data processing for millions of connected devices. IoT Edge Connect is a scalable, reliable, and distributed real-time publish-subscribe mechanism.

Episode 5 – July 22

An Overview of the HTTP/3 Protocol

Learn about HTTP3, the 3rd generation of the Hyper Text Protocol (HTTP), AKA HTTP-over-quic. Explore how the new protocol is making the internet faster, more reliable, and better adapted to user needs.

Episode 3 – May 20

SASE Strategy

Explore how Akamai's security platform surrounds and protects your entire architecture — core, cloud, and edge — to thwart attackers and mitigate threats wherever they emerge.

Episode 6 – August 26

Low-Latency Streaming

Explore the latest technology in video streaming - Ultra Low Latency and the use of HTTP3. We'll discuss the history of online video from Adobe Flash through HTTP streaming to where we are today.

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