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Each workshop will address a different topic and provide you with the opportunity to connect with our experts and your peers to examine use cases, how to mitigate vulnerabilities, and deep dive into solution environments.

Upcoming Workshops

Akamai Tech Workshop

Akamai Tech Workshop: Introducing Account Protector

Introducing Akamai´s Account Protector which provides an integrated solution to detect and mitigate attacks where fraudsters attempt to pass themselves off as legitimate account owners.

Akamai Tech Workshop

Akamai Tech Workshop: What Is Cloud Wrapper?

Many organizations that distribute online media content are migrating to the cloud. They may be moving at different rates and for different reasons, but all have a common need to lower costs and deliver amazing user experiences to their online audiences.

Past Workshops

Akamai Tech Workshop

How to Phish Proof Your MFA

During this workshop we will explain in depth what the Akamai MFA solution is, and what are its key differences compared to other standard MFA solutions, as well as the benefits in terms of security and ease of use. We will show how the solution works internally, its information flows, elements of the service... And we will go over the integrations that our service has with different types of applications and identity providers.


Akamai Tech Workshop

How to Successfully Prepare for Peak

In this webinar, we will discuss how to successfully plan for and manage peak traffic events, the types of testing that are the most effective, and when that testing should occur.

Akamai Tech Workshop

The Need for Speed with Core Web Vitals

Google’s Core Web Vital Metrics, the Page Experience SEO update and what they mean for our customers. Measuring this with mPulse Improving the metrics.



Akamai Tech Workshop

Deploying Code at the Edge

Akamai EdgeWorkers enables you to create your own services using JavaScript and deploy them across our platform. Deploying code at the edge brings data, insights, and decision-making closer to the users and systems that act upon them. Using common use cases, this session will cover best practice for building, deploying, and testing your EdgeWorkers and EdgeKV JavaScript code running at the edge.

Akamai Tech Workshop

How to Master SEO by Tuning for Crawlers

Many performance optimizations make sense for end users but are counterproductive for bots. This session takes a deep dive into how to tune your Akamai configurations for search engine crawlers. You will learn how intelligently disabling optimizations for bots can speed up performance, resulting in lower traffic, better insights, and a maximized crawl budget.

Akamai Tech Workshop

How to Combat Credential Stuffing

Understanding credential stuffing — and the difference between good and bad bot traffic — is essential for the security and performance of your websites and applications. In this session, we will examine ways to identify credential abuse attacks from website traffic patterns using both Akamai security reporting tools and third-party log analysis engines.

Akamai Tech Workshop

What’s New at the Edge?

Over-the-air software updates are increasingly critical to keep a device, machine, or other "things" running smoothly. Using IoT Edge Connect addresses key problems with updates — how to trigger clients to download and install the update, and how to track in real time the update status of each client. Demo how IoT Edge Connect can amplify the effectiveness of a software update management system.


Akamai Tech Workshop

How Safe Are Your Scripts?

Don’t think you’re susceptible to JavaScript attacks? Think again. The rise of JavaScript is unstoppable, which leads to increased complexity and new vulnerabilities exploited by malicious actors. In this session, we will explore the JavaScript ecosystem and discuss how you can protect your users from web skimming or form jacking attacks, hence avoiding GDPR violations.


Akamai Tech Workshop

Surging DDoS Attacks During a Pandemic

We’ll take a tech deep dive into DDoS attacks we have witnessed on our platform, provide considerations to be taken when deciding on mitigation strategies, and advice on how to survive a DDoS attack.