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Akamai Tech Workshops

Join our virtual, interactive workshops for a tech deep dive into topics that matter to you.

Get tech insights from Akamai experts

Each workshop will address a different topic and provide you with the opportunity to connect with our experts and your peers to examine use cases, how to mitigate vulnerabilities, and deep dive into solution environments.

Upcoming Workshops

Akamai Tech Workshop

How to Protect Your Apps & APIs

In this workshop, we will explain how Akamai helps you to defend websites, APIs, and users against a wide range of multi-vector attacks and to stop credential stuffing, bots, and human web fraud with the smartest detection and mitigation. Register Now.

Past Workshops

Akamai Tech Workshop

Recognizing true and false positives with Akamai

Analyzing security events is an opportunity to understand better what is happening to your services and applications.

While it is true that there is a certain amount of background noise related to attack events, sometimes parts of our application are prone to trigger WAF controls when unexpected payloads traverse the perimeter.

Akamai Tech Workshop

Web Security Analytics — Basics

We would like to enable you to get a basic understanding of how to use the related analytic tool provided with your Akamai web security services, getting insight into the security events triggered for your properties.

This session will provide you with a high-level overview on how to start analyzing security events triggered by your cloud security service.

Akamai Tech Workshop

Akamai App & API Protector: Holistic Web App Protection at the Edge

For multiple consecutive years, global industry analyst firms and customers have recognized Akamai for industry-leading application and API security. As a leader, we are excited to reveal our next-level web application and API protection (WAAP) solution designed to bring together many of our core technologies like web application firewall, bot mitigation, API security, and DDoS protection in a single solution.

Akamai Tech Workshop

Introducing Guardicore Microsegmentation

We’d like to introduce Akamai’s newest acquisition, Guardicore, and talk about how microsegmentation will help you to stop ransomware. You’ll learn why microsegmentation is a must with rising complexity.

Akamai Tech Workshop

Akamai SASE Model: Our Journey

The goal of integrating networking (performance) and security (protection) capabilities is to help organizations address changes like the move to cloud applications and a distributed and mobile workforce, orchestrating services and using our intelligence. Akamai has demonstrated over many years that we can deliver the best quality of service at all layers and with maximum security.

Akamai Tech Session

Anti-Piracy: Protect, Detect & Enforce

Have you tried to prevent web-skimming attacks with Content Security Policy (CSP) and found it a challenge to keep up with the changes on your websites? Would you rather have a real-time behavioral detection technology that identifies vulnerabilities and suspicious/malicious behavior in JavaScript resources? Would you rather proactively prevent data privacy violations and the potential reputation loss and GDPR fines that can come along with those?

Akamai Tech Session

Page Integrity Manager — Magecart

Safeguarding user data from web-skimming attacks

Have you tried to prevent web-skimming attacks with Content Security Policy (CSP) and found it a challenge to keep up with the changes on your websites? Would you rather have a real-time behavioral detection technology that identifies vulnerabilities and suspicious/malicious behavior in JavaScript resources?

Akamai Tech Workshop

Audience Hijacking: Prevent Your Users from Being Directed to Competitors

Did you know that up to 20% of website users are experiencing distractions from browser extensions and malware? They redirect them to competing and/or malicious websites — increasing shopping cart abandonment rates, performing fraudulent affiliate activities, or introducing security and privacy risks.

Akamai Technical Session

Adaptive Security Engine

The Adaptive Security Engine is a new core technology powering Akamai’s application and API protection offerings.

It is designed to enable a hands-off approach to protecting web applications and APIs with the highest degree of confidence.

This session will give insight into the new features that are included in the Adaptive Security Engine and the new version of the automated attack groups (AAGs) like Pragma Stripping, Automatic Update, Tuning Recommendation, Exception Enhancement, SmartSniff, Automatic XML/JSON API Inspection, and Single Selector Scoring.

Akamai Technical Session:

Managing Bots: Action, Challenges, and Detection

As the bot threat landscape evolves, so do Akamai’s detection and challenge mechanisms.

This session is designed to help you become up to date with all new capabilities and help you tweak bot protections in a way that fits your application or service.

Akamai Tech Workshop

What Is Cloud Wrapper?

Many organizations that distribute online media content are migrating to the cloud. They may be moving at different rates and for different reasons, but all have a common need to lower costs and deliver amazing user experiences to their online audiences.

Akamai Tech Workshop

How to Phish Proof Your MFA

During this workshop we will explain in depth what the Akamai MFA solution is, and what are its key differences compared to other standard MFA solutions, as well as the benefits in terms of security and ease of use. We will show how the solution works internally, its information flows, elements of the service... And we will go over the integrations that our service has with different types of applications and identity providers.


Akamai Tech Workshop

How to Successfully Prepare for Peak

In this webinar, we will discuss how to successfully plan for and manage peak traffic events, the types of testing that are the most effective, and when that testing should occur.

Akamai Tech Workshop

The Need for Speed with Core Web Vitals

Google’s Core Web Vital Metrics, the Page Experience SEO update and what they mean for our customers. Measuring this with mPulse Improving the metrics.



Akamai Tech Workshop

Deploying Code at the Edge

Akamai EdgeWorkers enables you to create your own services using JavaScript and deploy them across our platform. Deploying code at the edge brings data, insights, and decision-making closer to the users and systems that act upon them. Using common use cases, this session will cover best practice for building, deploying, and testing your EdgeWorkers and EdgeKV JavaScript code running at the edge.

Akamai Tech Workshop

How to Master SEO by Tuning for Crawlers

Many performance optimizations make sense for end users but are counterproductive for bots. This session takes a deep dive into how to tune your Akamai configurations for search engine crawlers. You will learn how intelligently disabling optimizations for bots can speed up performance, resulting in lower traffic, better insights, and a maximized crawl budget.

Akamai Tech Workshop

How to Combat Credential Stuffing

Understanding credential stuffing — and the difference between good and bad bot traffic — is essential for the security and performance of your websites and applications. In this session, we will examine ways to identify credential abuse attacks from website traffic patterns using both Akamai security reporting tools and third-party log analysis engines.

Akamai Tech Workshop

What’s New at the Edge?

Over-the-air software updates are increasingly critical to keep a device, machine, or other "things" running smoothly. Using IoT Edge Connect addresses key problems with updates — how to trigger clients to download and install the update, and how to track in real time the update status of each client. Demo how IoT Edge Connect can amplify the effectiveness of a software update management system.


Akamai Tech Workshop

How Safe Are Your Scripts?

Don’t think you’re susceptible to JavaScript attacks? Think again. The rise of JavaScript is unstoppable, which leads to increased complexity and new vulnerabilities exploited by malicious actors. In this session, we will explore the JavaScript ecosystem and discuss how you can protect your users from web skimming or form jacking attacks, hence avoiding GDPR violations.


Akamai Tech Workshop

Surging DDoS Attacks During a Pandemic

We’ll take a tech deep dive into DDoS attacks we have witnessed on our platform, provide considerations to be taken when deciding on mitigation strategies, and advice on how to survive a DDoS attack.