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Serverless Computing

Bring your serverless architecture to the edge — build web apps closer to end users for higher performance and a better user experience.

Maximize your digital transformation at the edge

Put serverless architecture closer to users

Run serverless functions directly on the edge; shift experiences nearer to people.

Improve application & microservice performance

Get code closer to users; leverage proximity to build functions that respond faster.

Do more with your CDN and add capabilities

Supercharge user experience; develop on the world’s most scalable and reliable CDN.

Impact of Edge on the Future of Business
Analyst report

The Impact of the Edge on Future Enterprises

The shift to the edge is accelerating for new enterprise IT infrastructure deployment. Learn what’s driving it.

Think Global, Compute Local ebook

Think Global, Compute Local - 5 Edge Computing Use Cases

Learn how Akamai enables you to bring your application out to the edge, deploying code on the world’s most distributed low-latency edge computing platform.

Serverless Computing Solutions


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