Akamai Net Usage Index Releases Data on Most Viewed News Events on the Web Over Past 90 Days

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Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the leading global service provider for accelerating content and business processes online, today announced that its Akamai Net Usage Index for News (www.akamai.com/netusageindex) has chronicled its first 90 days of real-time news consumption on a global scale.

As part of the analysis that is possible with the Net Usage Index for News, Akamai released today a look at the five highest peaks based on total visitors per minute to its aggregate set of 100+ news sites. The following data ranks the top five peaks since the launch of the Index and the corresponding events that were taking place in the world at the time.

Rank Date Approx. Time (EST) Peak visitors per minute Compelling News Event*
1 Sep. 12 (Mon.) 12 p.m. 3,294,300 Memorial coverage for the 4-year anniversary of September 11, 2001
2 Oct. 2 (Sun.) 4 p.m. 3,196,750 Bali Bombings
3 Sep. 8 (Thu.) 12 p.m. 3,154,000 Flood survivors forced from New Orleans; Yushchenko fires government in Ukraine
4 Sep. 2 (Fri.) 2 p.m. 2,921,400 Hurricane Katrina coverage on Friday before Labor Day weekend (U.S.)
5 Oct. 4 (Tue.) 4:30 p.m. 2,903,950 UN condemns Iraq charter change

* The Net Usage Index for News does not represent that a single news event accounts for all Web news traffic at any given time, but the Index can be used to correlate worldwide interest in specific news events with relative audience size.

As the world's first and only daily Web traffic report with information on aggregate total visitors per minute to news sites, and from where in the world news is being consumed, the Akamai Net Usage Index for News has attracted over 48,000 visitors and delivered over 750,000 page views since its launch on August 18th.

"We're very excited by the interest that this index has generated," said Akamai President and CEO, Paul Sagan. "In today's Demand Economy, where access to information has become both borderless and instantaneous, the Internet is becoming the dominant source for consuming news. The Akamai Net Usage Index for News provides a unique and real-time view into news consumption habits, and documents what events are capturing the world's attention."

Some additional statistics of interest:

  • News coverage of Hurricane Katrina created the greatest sustained volume of news consumption during the past 80 days. During the two weeks immediately following the U.S. observance of Labor Day on September 5th, daily peak news consumption for the global composite averaged 2.65 million. 
  • The average visitors per minute peak for each week day occurs approximately at 12 p.m. ET.
  • Online interest in sporting news and scores is a major catalyst for periodic increases in Web traffic. On August 19th at 4 a.m. ET, a Tokyo press conference announcing the first Japanese player to join the U.S. National Hockey League increased news consumption by a factor of five for an hour's time in the Asia-Pacific region. On August 25th, news consumption in Europe spiked from an average of 350,000 to more than 1.9 million visitors per minute when the schedule for the European Soccer League was announced. In the U.S., identifiable increases in Web traffic can be correlated to interest in Sunday coverage of the National Football League.


Improving upon the real-time analysis of news consumption across the globe, Akamai has added a number of new features to its Net Usage Index for News: Net Usage Index "Widget" for use on Mac and PC desktops

Akamai is pleased to announce that the Net Usage Index for News has taken a new form-as a Desktop Widget compatible with both Mac OS and Windows. Available at http://www.akamai.com/html/technology/visualizing_akamai.html, the Widget enables users to monitor global news consumption from their desktop, seeing real-time the impact of current events on online media consumption.

The Widget features:

  • Geographic trends-who's consuming news when and where 
  • Traffic by number of visitors per minute-viewed by geographic region or global composite 
  • Traffic by percentage above or below the average-viewed by geographic region or global composite

Widget for Mac

Mac Widgets are mini-applications that let you perform common tasks and provide you with fast access to information. Once installed, they become fully integrated with the Mac OS X Dashboard. Please visit www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/ to learn more, and to access the Akamai Net Usage Index Widget for Mac.

Widget for Windows

Widgets developed for the Windows Operating System utilize a JavaScript runtime engine called Konfabulator. This free scripting application allows Widgets to blend fluidly into your Windows desktop. In order to run this Widget, you must first install Konfabulator (available at www.konfabulator.com).

24-Hour Historical Graphs by Geographic Region

This new feature provides visitors with a rolling, 24-hour snapshot of news consumption by geographic region. Often, news events within a certain country will drive specific user interest within that region only. This corresponding spike in Web traffic wouldn't normally be identifiable on a global, composite graph, but is now plainly visible on a regional graph. Access to 24-hour historical analysis by geography can be found on the front page of the Net Usage Index, or by linking to the following:


New Design to Net Usage Index User Interface

Akamai has also unveiled a new 'look and feel' for the index, making information and data more intuitive and easier to find. The new design features an enhanced News Consumption dial, as well as a ranking of the top news consumption dates (detailing date, time of day, peak visitors per minute across the globe, and correlating news event).

Tell us more about your thoughts on Akamai's Net Usage Index for News. For questions, comments, or to receive additional information, please e-mail netusageindex@akamai.com.

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