High Performance Global Market Data in the Cloud Courtesy of Keynote Systems Xignite and Akamai

San Mateo, CA |

  • Keynote, Xignite and Akamai Set New Benchmarks for High Performance Market Data Cloud Services
  • Keynote Testing Reveals Xignite Cloud Services Deliver Global Market Data Up To Two Times Faster With Akamai

Keynote Systems (Nasdaq: KEYN), the global leader in Internet and mobile cloud monitoring, today announced that Xignite, Inc., a leading cloud services provider of on-demand market data distribution technologies, used Keynote Transaction Perspective® to benchmark the performance of its service when used with Akamai Technologies, a leading provider of cloud optimization services. Keynote Transaction Perspective is a Web transaction monitoring product that provides full visibility into performance from an end-user perspective. Keynote determined that customers could access the Xignite financial market data service over the Internet up to two times faster using Akamai's Web Application Accelerator than without it.

"The financial services world is increasingly becoming a global marketplace," said Chas Cooper, director of product marketing at Xignite. "Even regional exchanges in places like Nigeria or Egypt allow other exchanges and brokers to trade securities offered on their exchanges. Our goal is to make it as easy to get global market data as it is to get local market data. We accomplish this by delivering market data directly over the Internet through our cloud services. But the public Internet isn’t always as fast as some applications require. So we teamed up with Akamai to see if we could push the limits of high performance applications using market data delivered over the cloud. Together, we tested a joint solution combining Akamai's network with Xignite’s market data cloud services. To get the most accurate and unbiased performance metrics, we used Keynote Transaction Perspective® to test performance and document the results."

Xignite provides on-demand financial market data about global equities, funds, forex, futures, options, fixed income, reference data, historical data and news to more than 800 global clients over the Internet for use in mission-critical applications. Akamai's Web Application Accelerator routes traffic around Internet congestion points and traffic jams to deliver a higher quality of service from the public Internet. Akamai solutions are designed to accelerate transactions, ensure secure and reliable access to data and minimize the variability in data access time and availability.

Xignite selected Keynote said Cooper because, "We already used Keynote extensively to document performance for our service on an ongoing basis and because we consider Keynote to be particularly accurate and reliable." To test the performance of the Xignite service with Akamai's Web Application Accelerator, Keynote Transaction Perspective ran test scripts from 30 different global locations for three days every 15 minutes. These scripts requested market data for upwards of 50 stock symbols.

Keynote testing revealed that Xignite cloud services deliver global market data up to two times faster with Akamai. Specifically, the tests revealed that using Akamai's Web Application Accelerator:

  • 25% of transactions completed in under 0.3 seconds compared to 6% without Akamai
  • 54% of transactions completed in under 0.8 seconds compared to 29% without Akamai

Said Rich Bolstridge, chief strategist for financial services, Akamai Technologies, "Akamai is helping innovative cloud providers like Xignite compete and be successful in the marketplace. Traditionally, market data came directly from stock exchanges and other traditional data feeds. The ability to utilize lower-cost cloud-based services depends on the availability and reliability of that service over the Internet. That availability and reliability is exactly what Akamai provides. The Keynote results are critical to ensuring the service performs with the promised performance, availability and reliability."

"Our customers' cloud-based applications are becoming increasingly mission critical," said Anshu Agarwal, vice president of marketing at Keynote. "By helping pinpoint how cloud performance can be improved, we help them become 'the best of the best' and outperform their competitors."

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