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Designed to Deliver "Already Here in HD" Video Experiences to Mobile Subscribers

Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the leading provider of cloud services for delivering, optimizing and securing online content and business applications, today announced that the company's Predictive Video over Cellular capabilities are currently in successful trials with five Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) as well as several mobile application providers. Predictive Video over Cellular is designed to help MNOs more effectively utilize off-peak cellular capacity, while at the same time better managing demand for video traffic and providing an ideal video quality experience.

The ability to successfully meet subscriber demand for high quality video experiences will increasingly be a major differentiating factor for MNOs. At the same time, current traffic delivery mechanisms are not tuned to the specific requirements of video traffic. In response, Akamai's Predictive Video over Cellular solution is designed to make use of cellular load prediction, user preference and content recommendation engines, as well as mobile device storage to pre position personalized video content to the mobile subscriber's device.

One MNO currently trialing Predictive Video over Cellular capabilities is UK provider EE. According to Principal Network Strategist Matt Stagg, "The Predictive Video over Cellular solution is a next step in our work to optimize the mobile video experience for customers across the UK. Building our 4G network has driven an amazing appetite for video on the go and this trial, along with work with the Mobile Video Alliance, is an innovative approach to making that experience both better for the user and more efficient within our network."

Akamai's Predictive Video over Cellular solution is designed to have the following benefits:

  • Videos are "already here in HD" on the subscribers' mobile devices;
  • Videos are customized to the individual mobile subscriber for a personalized experience;
  • Use of Predictive Video over Cellular maximizes network capacity during peak-hours and delivers video content on the network when cellular capacity is available; and
  • The ability for MNOs to offer premium content services downstream to mobile subscribers and upstream to video content providers.

Nokia's Liquid Applications is instrumental in trialing the benefits of the Predictive Video over Cellular solution. Commenting on the potential for the solution Dirk Lindemeier, Head of Liquid Applications at Nokia Networks explained, "Combining Predictive Video over Cellular with our Liquid Applications makes it more efficient to notify upstream content providers and mobile device clients as to the most efficient time to fetch subscriber content. This is achieved using distributed computing functionality within the mobile base station that can extract real-time cell load information to offer a better user experience related to access to high quality video content."

"The capabilities made possible by the Predictive Video over Cellular solution are a potential game changer as it relates to delivering a phenomenal, personalized subscriber experience," stated Lior Netzer, vice president and general manager, Emerging Mobile Business Unit, Akamai. "Giving subscribers the content they want, when they want it and at the highest quality possible presents great opportunity for the entire mobile ecosystem."

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