EVA AIR Enhances Overseas Internet Performance, Using Akamai Web Experience Solutions

“Akamai is a leader in web application acceleration, performance management and content delivery and has an excellent track record for ensuring reliable performance. It has also demonstrated success in the airline industry. Akamai was the perfect choice for us. We are confident that the flexibility, speed and security of its solutions equip us to give our customers the best possible experience,”

Dillon Lin , Professional Engineer, Computer Division , EVA Air


EVA Airways initiated services in July 1991 and has proven to be a powerhouse of creativity and innovation. It built a firm foundation with an excellent flight safety record and extraordinary services and has grown steadily to become an internationally acclaimed airline. It currently serves more than 60 destinations on four continents and throughout Asia with more than 60 aircraft and strategic partnerships with major airlines and has developed an expansive global network that provides passenger and cargo transportation around the world. Its consistently expanding global customer base and today’s rapidly evolving technologies created challenges for the airline as it outgrew its website and mobile eCommerce capabilities.


In 2010, EVA upgraded its host hardware to ease network bandwidth congestion caused by booming online traffic. This solution improved eCommerce response time but did not speed up page loading. As more and more customers, including growing numbers from North America and Europe, complained about site-loading problems, EVA recognized the greater issue. To ensure consistent global web-page loading speed, EVA identified Akamai Web Experience Solutions as the best solution for improving user experiences across continents and regions.


  • Enhance customer experience – EVA wanted to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering quality website performance that is better than or comparable to the online experience provided by competitors.
  • Improve eCommerce services - The airline wanted to speed up eCommerce services for travelers in North America, Europe and China and establish the website as its main sales and marketing tool.
  • Accelerate site performance - By elevating site performance, EVA could increase online bookings and check-ins, strengthen customer loyalty, grow its business and, in the future, generate additional revenues.

Major Results

  • Achieved 65% increase in global site performance
  • Improved overall page load times by up to 57%
  • Significantly enhanced customers’ experiences
  • Supports significant growth in online booking adoptions

Reason for Selection

Choosing the Intelligent Platform Authority
Akamai stood out from marketplace competitors for its premium, leading-edge services, high brand awareness and excellent reputation. Akamai’s global presence and Intelligent Platform have assured EVA’s site delivery performance quality.

“Akamai is a leader in web application acceleration, performance management and content delivery and has an excellent track record for ensuring reliable performance. It has also   demonstrated success in the airline industry. Akamai was the perfect choice for us. We are confident that the flexibility, speed and security of its solutions equip us to give our customers the best possible experience,” said Dillon Lin, Professional Engineer, Computer Division, EVA AIR.

High Performance Advances Customer Satis­faction
EVA recognized that complaints from European and the American customers about slow page loading could seriously impact customer satisfaction and the number of ticket bookings made through its website. The result could have been a sales volume and revenue bottleneck.

“We wanted a fast, reliable, easy-to-use website for our global customers that would perform on par with or better than the official sites provided by competing airlines in markets around the globe,” said Dillon. “After we implemented Akamai’s Web Experience solution, complaints from customers about website loading time decreased significantly and overall customer satisfaction climbed by 6 percent.”

Accelerating Online Consumer Bookings Worldwide
As soon as EVA launched Akamai Web Experience Solutions, it cut booking and flight availability page loading time in half, improving overall download time by as much as 57 percent. UK and USA customers in particular experienced site performance improvement, respectively averaging 31 and 38 percent. The improved performance contributed to noteworthy site traffic growth in all regions, including increases of 7 percent in site visits and 12 percent in page views.

Benefits of Akamai’s Hands-on Approach
Akamai’s well-built channel of partnerships with local vendors provided the expertise and resources needed to implement the new system. Though EVA faced a challenge collecting customer information right after it began using Akamai Web Experience Solutions due to a separate change in its system architecture, the Internet content delivery company provided all of the support needed to resolve the issue. “With Akamai’s and its partner’s help, we modified the program to perform the functions we need. We can now collect all of the information required for booking airline tickets,” Dillon said.

Cost Savings and Flexibility for Future Expansion
“Launching Akamai Web Experience solutions for our passengers, agents, cargo shippers and holiday sites was a smooth, simple process. It took a surprisingly short amount of time to complete the installation,” Dillon said. “We leveraged Akamai’s intelligent platform to deliver our website and that enabled us to upgrade our EVA operating systems at a very low cost. The system did not require additional infrastructure. It was easy, straightforward and cost-effective for us to adopt this solution.”

EVA introduced a smartphone application, expanding its reach and services and extending them from desktop to mobile. “Akamai Web Experience Solutions sped up our mobile application and website. The improved performance has helped us attract more of those travelers who book flights on our website and check in and manage their travel using the EVA App,” said Dillon.

“Akamai’s solution enables us to quickly and easily address challenges and enhance web content delivery. We can provide high-quality online services without making a huge investment in time or money. Working with Akamai, we are confident that we can elevate our website quality and performance to the highest levels,” Dillon said.


EVA Airways was formed in March, 1989 as Taiwan's first privately owned international airline and launched passenger services on July 1, 1991 followed by cargo services in 1995. A division of the respected Evergreen Group and sister company to global container-shipping leader Evergreen Line, its mission from the start has been to always provide the best and safest services. It links more than 60 business, leisure and airfreight destinations in Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America. And in June 2013, it extended this network to nearly 1,400 destinations by joining Star Alliance. EVA’s routing within Asia is among the industry’s best and, with just one easy stop in Taipei, travelers can connect onward to most major cities, including gateways in every region of China. Now, EVA is expanding Star Alliance’s services in the fast growing cross-strait market. EVA schedules and booking information are available at www.evaair.com.

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