Informatica improves worldwide portal performance by 205% and expects to save up to $1 million annually by reliably delivering software downloads

Informatica Customer Testimonial
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“The Akamai solution has blown away all expectations. Now our global users all have a consistent experience, which is essential for international expansion.”

Lisa Moorhead , Manager of IT Web Applications , Informatica

The Situation

Informatica, a leading provider of data integration software and services, provides solutions that enable companies to easily move data between systems and get more value from their information assets. The company’s solutions are used by 83 of the Fortune 100 companies and by a large percentage of the top companies in a range of industries, including telecom, financial services and healthcare, to name a few. Informatica receives over 100,000 visits per month to its corporate website, download site and portal. In 2006, the company served over 2,750 customers around the globe and generated $325 million in revenues.

The Challenge

With a goal of further expanding business internationally, Informatica heavily relies upon the web to reach a wider audience and improve its operational efficiencies. Its portal – which serves both dynamic and static content – and download site are delivered out of a data center located in Redwood City, California. This led to concerns about the web performance for users in other countries as they tried to access the origin server. “If customers or partners can’t access our portal or download site, they call our support line. This discourages portal adoption and negates the benefits of self-service, creating a frustrating situation for customers and partners, and adding to our expenses to support these important relationships,” explains Lisa Jerves Moorhead, Manager of IT Web Applications for Informatica.

The Goal

Informatica needed to meet two key requirements to support its objectives:

  • Improve Web Performance: Informatica wanted to make sure that partners and customers were satisfied with their web experience accessing the portal, and the web applications delivered through it.
  • Reduce Costs to Serve Customers: Informatica needed to encourage customers and partners to use the portal and download sites in order to reduce its operational costs.

Why Akamai

Choosing a Proven Solution

Informatica evaluates all possibilities when trying to determine how to best serve its customers and partners. It was natural to find out how Akamai could help the company improve the web performance of its portal and downloads because it was already a satisfied customer. “Since implementing Akamai in 2004 to serve our corporate website, the site has been available without fail,” says Moorhead.

Informatica understood the value of the globally distributed Akamai content delivery network. “If we tried to maintain a geographically dispersed set of web servers, it would be too cumbersome – we just don’t have the necessary resources,” continues Moorhead.

Going with Akamai Web Application Accelerator was a good bet, since Akamai had proven the value of the solution in a proof of concept. According to Moorhead, “The great results made it easy to justify our decision and show our marketing group what would be possible with Akamai in place.”

Improved Performance Encourages Adoption

Since implementing the Akamai Web Application Accelerator solution, Informatica has been able to improve worldwide website performance by 24% and performance in Asia Pacific by 31% for delivery of its marketing application through the portal. In addition, it has been able to offload its origin site by 92%.

The company has also been able to improve worldwide performance by 205% for its portal, while offloading its origin by 30%. Even the time it takes to log in to the portal home page has been reduced by 66% – critical to portal adoption. “The Akamai solution has blown away all expectations. Now our global users all have a consistent experience, which is essential for international expansion,” says Moorhead.

Reliable Downloads Lead to Cost Savings

The more people Informatica drives to the web for self-service or for software delivery, the better. It translates into added convenience for customers and partners and cost savings for the company. “Now that we can quickly and reliably deliver software downloads, we can move away from physical distribution on CD. We will save $1 million a year from that alone,” explains Moorhead. At the same time, the number of downloads has doubled in the past nine months, even as files sizes have increased.

Informatica can only recognize revenue by proving that customers received its products. Akamai's solutions enable Informatica to verify the success of software delivery. “This tool is critical to booking revenues and ensuring compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act,” says Moorhead.

Moving Forward with a Strategic Partnership

Existing infrastructure. “Akamai is proactive in educating us about new Akamai technologies and how to extract more value out of what we have in place,” explains Moorhead.

“Akamai also gives us such confidence in the stability of our corporate website that it’s no longer on our radar. We just know it will always be available. In 2007, our goal is to ensure 99.9% uptime of our portal. We feel confident that we’ll reach our goal with Akamai in place,” concludes Moorhead.

About Informatica

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