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Lezhin Entertainment Delivers Content Three Times Faster to Global Customers with Akamai Solutions

“Lezhin Entertainment’s go-global strategy for rapid growth is one of the reasons we selected Akamai. We can ensure service performance and quality without configuration changes or other additional investment overseas. Using Akamai’s Media Delivery Solutions, Lezhin Entertainment delivers HD webtoon images to users both at home and abroad quickly and reliably. With Akamai, content delivery is more than three times faster and seamless even during peak hours. In a nutshell, Lezhin is able to provide high-quality services to everyone, accessing content via a web or mobile app, with the help of Akamai’s Media Delivery solution.”

Chris Kwon , CTO , Lezhin Entertainment

The Situation

Lezhin Comics, launched in 2013 by Lezhin Entertainment, is Korea’s leading premium webtoon website (webcomics), with 7.5 million visitors per month and more than 1,100 available webtoons. Lezhin creates and distributes quality digital comic strips while connecting webtoon-based source content with diverse media platforms such as movies and games. Lezhin’s award-winning service was also officially launched in Japan in July 2015, with plans to enter the U.S. market in late 2015.

As part of its plans to expand globally, Lezhin wanted to deliver HD-quality webtoon images quickly and reliably to readers at home and abroad, especially during peak hours. Lezhin used to work with a local content delivery network (CDN) but one of their big challenges was to provide a stable service to overseas users. In addition, Lezhin required increased capabilities and services for user authentication and CDN service optimization, which Akamai supported.

The Goals

  • Provide an enhanced webtoon experience through faster and more reliable delivery.
  • Provide reliable user/device authentication to support differentiated, paid content.
  • Minimize response times during contingencies with expedited access to Akamai support.
  • Enter the overseas market and become a global content provider.
  • Evolve into a global digital content platform.


  • Delivered content more than three times faster, providing seamless webtoon services, even during peak hours.
  • Established the foundation to advance into global markets with Akamai’s global CDN.
  • Akamai’s Enhanced Support SLA services helped reduce time to react to technical break fix issues and further enhance business continuity.
  • Prevented content theft by distributing origin server loads necessary for authentication through the Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM.

Why Akamai

Lezhin Comics, cited as a success model in the webtoon market, has a corporate philosophy of “Make Everyone Happy”. Based on this philosophy, the company shares profits from some paid content with web cartoonists. As a result, the number of web comics on the platform has steadily grown from 40 to more than 1,100. Lezhin soon entered the Japanese market following its success in Korea and plans to serve U.S. customers this year, as part of its accelerated efforts to go global. Lezhin provides paid content, thus speed, reliable user authentication, and stability are critical to support HD images and quality content.

Lezhin believes the best way to prevent illegal downloads and piracy is to provide the user with rapid downloads of HD-quality content when the user wants it and to be able to pay for this content with ease. Lehzin’s ultimate goal is to create a content platform to publish its superior content simultaneously all over the world. To achieve this goal, Lezhin needed to work with a global CDN provider like Akamai.

Provides Three Times Faster and More Reliable Access to HD Content

With the help of Akamai’s Media Delivery Solutions, the company was able to deliver content seamlessly to local and global users alike and is now more than three times faster, even during peak hours (from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m.). In a nutshell, Lezhin is able to provide high-quality services to everyone, anywhere, across devices.

“Previously, the average response time was 300 milliseconds, but it has fallen to less than 100 milliseconds – more than three times faster,” said Chris Kwon, CTO, Lezhin Entertainment. “In addition, we faced authentication issues, but Akamai’s Media Delivery Solutions have resolved this problem as well. The speed of delivery is consistent, which draws very positive response from readers.”

Addresses Complex Authentication Issues and Improves System Reliability

In the past, Lezhin found it difficult to connect authentication for paid content with its CDN service. But with Akamai’s Access Control Module, the webtoon provider can address complex authentication issues and system failures. The number of readers has increased and content has become more diverse, but the Akamai solution makes it easier for Lehzin to manage. In addition, Lezhin can change authentication settings more flexibly based on its global market strategy without additional development efforts.

Akamai’s Enhanced Support SLA was also instrumental in helping Lehzin Entertainment operate seamlessly with the support of the Akamai Service and Support team, whose response time is second to none. Also, the Akamai University Classroom Training seat included with Enhanced Support SLA, led by experienced Akamai technical consultants and professional services members, helped Lezhin better understand how to implement the latest media technologies and Akamai solutions to help integrate and accelerate their platform.

About Lezhin Entertainment

Lezhin Entertainment operates “Lezhin Comics,” a premium comic service for mature readers. Lezhin creates and distributes quality digital comic strips, while connecting webtoon-based source content with diverse media platforms, such as movies and games. The transmedia company attracted a KRW5 billion investment from NCSoft in April 2014. It now plans to enter the U.S. market, following Japan. Lezhin received Korea Internet Award’s Prime Minister Prize in 2014. More information is available on http://www.lezhin.com

About Akamai

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