OZSALE drives customer satisfaction and business growth with Akamai Ion and Ion Mobile

“Akamai’s Ion solution has helped us to establish a site experience that is second to none. With Akamai we were able to improve performance for our Australian users by over 130% and as a result we’ve been able to generate more online revenue and reduce operational costs”

Gavin Cliffe , CTO , OZSALE

The Overview

Operating from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, OZSALE is a members-only online shopping club and the doorway to affordable designer fashion from around the world. Today it is widely recognised as a leading shopping hub and one of the strongest online brands in Australia with 7 million members and a forecast to double its revenues in 2013. Whether it is improving website performance, or mobile delivery, OZSALE is dedicated to ensuring a premium online customer service.

The Situation

Being a pure play online retailer and recognised as a leader in its field, the performance and resilience of the online shopping platform was absolutely critical to OZSALE. The company was challenged to maintain web performance during peak sale events that were occurring multiple times per day and was looking to find a cloud services solution that increased scale and performance on desktop, mobile and tablets regardless of demand.

The Goal

OZSALE needed to meet four key requirements to support its objectives:

  • Ensure 100% uptime:  The company needed a web performance solution that enabled it to scale on demand to deliver its site without fail, during peak sale times.
  • A platform for growth:  OZSALE needed a flexible and agile cloud services solution to support business expansion
  • Improve performance:  OZSALE needed to deliver the best website performance possible for all shoppers, within Australia. OZSALE also had a goal of expanding the business to the entire Asia Pacific region and were looking for a cost effective cloud services solution.
  • Address the complexity of application delivery to mobile devices:  The proliferation of online activity on mobile devices meant that OZSALE needed to deliver an end-to-end customer web experience that was flawless across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Why Akamai

Ensure 100% Uptime of the Akamai Platform

OZSALE’s regular sale events would drive huge demand and stress the web application causing outages and downtime resulting in lost revenue. By enabling Akamai Ion, OZSALE are able to scale on demand and support increased sale size and frequency with certainty. Gavin Cliffe, CTO, said: “Only three years ago we ran two campaigns per day and immediately after implementing Ion we were able to run three and then scaled up from there very quickly. Akamai has been a business growth enabler by helping us grow our revenue while keeping costs in check. We no longer have limits and run tens of sales per day in multiple countries.”

A Platform for Growth

Since implementing Akamai’s Ion solution OZSALE have been able to expand their business in to new markets in Asia and complete acquisitions with minimal technical effort and avoid additional infrastructure investment. Mr Cliffe said “The flexibility and agility of the Akamai solution has allowed OZSALE to open up new markets including New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand without deploying additional infrastructure. Additionally we acquired a competitor, Buyinvite, and Akamai provided us with the agility to migrate them to our core solution in only 8 weeks and without the need for additional technology investment.”

Boosting Site Performance

Since its introduction to the online market, OZSALE understood the importance of delivering a stellar web experience. In addition, the company’s regular sale events meant the site needed to keep up with customer demand and increased activity on the page. To ensure optimal website performance for existing and prospective customers, OZSALE selected Akamai’s Ion to optimize website speed and performance. With this web acceleration solution in place, OZSALE has been able to satisfy customer expectations and keep shoppers coming back to its site. “Akamai’s Ion solution has helped us to establish a site experience that is second to none. With Akamai we were able to improve performance for our Australian users by over 130% and as a result we’ve been able to generate more online revenue and reduce operational costs,” explains Mr. Cliffe.

Usability on Multiple Platforms

The explosion of mobile technology, more specifically, online shopping through mobile and tablet pressed to manage rising expectations for web responsiveness, rich content and support for mobile devices. To do this, the company also selected Akamai’s Ion mobile, which introduced an entirely new and advanced way for organisations to perfect web performance across a wide range of situations, specifically devices and network connections. “Having seen the benefits that Akamai provided to our desktop users we realised that deploying Akamai’s Ion Mobile solution would be essential to ensure the success of our mobile sites and applications.”

Realising Immediate Benefits

OZSALE saw immediate improvement, hitting $1.3 million in revenue in just 24 hours. A total of 50,000 items were sold at a rate of one item per 1.7 seconds, with 30% of transactions made via mobile, including apps. “The amazing influx of new customers is a testament to the effectiveness and value of Akamai’s cloud services and solutions. The combination of Ion, Ion Mobile and expert advice from Akamai Professional Services means that we can continue to deliver an experience that meets site visitor expectations even under extremely high demand. For example, we can handle peak users demand from sales, promotions and even flash traffic from industry events such as Cyber Monday and Click Frenzy.”


OZSALE.com.au was founded in January 2006 by Jamie Jackson and now has over 250 employees. OZSALE is now part of the APAC Sale Group which reaches more than 7 million people via its local website properties in Australia (www.ozsale.com.au & www.buyinvite.com.au), New Zealand (www.nzsale.co.nz & www.buyinvite.co.nz), Singapore (www.singsale.com.sg), Malaysia (www.mysale.my) and Thailand (www.thaisale.co.th). The sites attract 8 million visits per month. OZSALE and NZSALE were the first private shopping clubs in their respective markets. All sites offer a variety of goods across fashion, accessories, health, beauty, footwear, childrenswear, homewares, gifts and toys. Sales last between 3 and 5 days and are accessible only to members. Membership is free.

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