Five fold traffic increase on - Rediff delivers smoothly using Akamai's globally distributed network

“Akamai gives us the tools to manage, secure, control and report media file usage and ensure only authorized users are accessing files. This will let music companies, video content owners and artists tap the potential of the web to bring content directly to consumers and protect against piracy and revenue losses.”

Jasmeet Singh , VP Strategic Alliances ,

The Situation is India’s premier online provider of news, information, communication, entertainment and shopping services with a mission to provide a world class online consumer experience. Rediff has a registered user base of 45 million users and offers them a breadth of services like Rediff mail, Rediff BOL (Messenger service), Rediff Newshound and matchmaker. Additionally, provides an ideal platform for Indians living abroad to connect with one another online through Rediff Connexions; Rediff I-land and Rediff blogs.

The Challenge

  • Global Delivery:  With a globally distributed consumer base, Rediff wanted to deliver content lightning fast across the globe.
  • High Performing Web Site at All Times:  To provide latest news and information to its visitors, website performance and availability were two key parameters.
  • Support Peak Traffic without Infrastructure Buildout:  Rediff wanted the ability to handle event-driven Internet traffic spikes without expanding its web infrastructure.

Why Akamai

Comprehensive Solution

Rediff implemented the Akamai Media Delivery Solutions, which provides streaming video, software delivery, http content delivery and secure content delivery from a media CDN to address every aspect of Rediff’s business requirements.

In 2000 after subscribing to Akamai services, re-launched its website to make it more user-friendly and include several enhanced features that target the growing base of Internet users in India and overseas. “Akamai Media Delivery has been instrumental in revolutionizing the content delivery arena and enabling efficient monetization of media content.” says Venki Nishtala, CTO,

“To serve the customer from the nearest point on Internet, Akamai was a natural choice with a globally deployed network of more than 25,000 servers spanning over 1,000 networks,” explains Venki. With a registered user base of 45 million, Rediff serves 4 million visitors every- day most of them coming from India and USA.


“Akamai’s services allow provisioning of capacity to serve content to flash crowds during events such as cricket matches, breaking news or elections,” says Venki. During the recent India-England cricket series in March, 2006, Rediff observed a 500% increase in traffic and managed it successfully with 100% website availability without investing in additional infrastructure build-out. Rediff consistently delivers around 7 billion hits per month through Akamai’s content delivery network.

Website Stickiness

Akamai has made Rediff’s site stickier by enabling improved website performance and reliability. Rediff now provides a rich variety of relevant and engaging content and users stay longer at the website. According to a recent report, a visitor spends an average of 97.7 minutes per month at in comparison to 87 minutes spent per month at Yahoo India. Akamai’s AMD solution offers streaming video and personalization services to generate interest among website visitors. It has also resulted in increasing the number of advertisers for

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

“Akamai allows Rediff to provide a satisfying customer experience with lightning fast download of Rediff’s homepage while simultaneously offloading the traffic from Rediff’s core servers,“ says Venki. Akamai’s cloud services have reduced Rediff’s infrastructure overhead drastically leading to substantial savings on infrastructure costs and reduced management and capital overhead. More than 97% of Rediff content is served through Akamai servers and made available to global visitors. “While Akamai takes care of Rediff’s web infrastructure requirements, Rediff concentrates on development of core services,” continues Venki.

Addition of New Features for Future Growth

Cementing a five year relationship with Akamai Technologies, Rediff worked with Akamai in 2005 to launch a music album online promoted by MTV India and became the first online music e-tailor in India, where the huge potential of the Internet still lies untapped. Rediff’s e-Commerce Payment Gateway seamlessly integrated with Akamai’s secure software delivery and download service.

“Akamai gives us the tools to manage, secure, control and report media file usage and ensure only authorized users are accessing files. This will let music companies, video content owners and artists tap the potential of the web to bring content directly to consumers and protect against piracy and revenue losses.“ Adds Jasmeet Singh, VP Strategic Alliances. In 2006, Rediff added Akamai’s Content Targeting service to its portfolio to provide a personalized web experience to its visitors. Content Targeting uses details of a user location to enable Rediff to deliver content based on the geographical location of the end user.

The Akamai-Rediff relationship continues to grow with Akamai now helping to offload application infrastructure using technologies such as Edge Side Includes (ESI); a standard simple markup language used to define web page components for dynamic assembly and delivery of web applications at the edge of the Internet. “This is an important step towards preparing Rediff for its web 2.0 applications, such as new redefined Airfare search, Shopping and social networking on the Rediff Connexions site. Rediff is actively working with Akamai to provide savvy and new web users reliable and quick content and to come up with innovative public services.” concludes Venki.

About Akamai

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