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Akamai’s Named Enhanced Support helped Reliance Games deliver a top-notch gaming experience to its 80 million plus players seamlessly by reducing initial response time by 71% and support cases by 55%.

Reliance Games Customer Testimonial
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“What I like most about Named Enhanced Support is the preventive stance it offers which complements our agile business model. It provides us with an aligned Akamai Support Expert who understands our web infrastructure and proactively reviews our support history even when there is no active support ticket.”

Sayed Peerzade , CIO , Reliance Games

Reliance Games is India’s leading gaming company with a global presence. They have achieved more than 200 million downloads across platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon & Windowsstore as well as 80 leading networks across 40 countries. Reliance Games’ popular games include Real Steel World Robot Boxing, Real Steel, Pacific Rim, Hunger Games, and a slew of exciting mobile games developed in association with Hollywood Studios such as DreamWorks, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures and Warner Bros.

Game launches and updates are extremely important to Reliance Games’ business, and with every game there are several challenges that need to be overcome to ensure an optimum player experience. Each game session, when the player opens the app, is delivered as large game files (most are several megabytes in size) with heavy graphics to augment the user experience. These graphics, coupled with interesting mechanics, game play and features available in the game. help in attracting, retaining and engaging users.

To ensure a rich gaming experience for players on their mobile devices, Reliance Games was keen on adopting solutions that could help deliver large game files to its customers seamlessly and maintain high uptime.

Akamai is a strategic partner for Reliance Games and helped not only deliver large game files but also meet dynamic customer expectations. Its Progressive Downloads solution helped Reliance Games to scale and deliver through huge spikes in the volume of traffic. Also, Named Enhanced Support provided preventive and personalized support that quickly resolved time-sensitive issues.

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