SPAMfighter packs a global punch with Akamai

“Akamai has truly delivered the support we need to continue our growth as a global company. Its network and sophisticated software solutions provide the perfect support vehicle to help our expansion globally.”

Daniel Hjorholt , CTO , SPAMfighter

The Situation

SPAMfighter is Europe’s leading anti spam filter developer, providing spam protection across the globe for over 3 million home and corporate users. SPAMfighter exploits the power of its growing community of users who, with one click, can report new spam mail so it can be automatically filtered for all other SPAMfighter users.

SPAMfighter’s Web site is a primary sales and distribution channel every day more than 6,000 new users download SPAMfighter software to protect their email from unwanted spam. In addition to being an important product showcase, where users can download SPAMfighter software and ‘try before they buy’ for free, the website also projects the key brand values of accessibility and usability for its growing global community of SPAMfighters.

Rapid expansion into new global markets meant SPAMfighter wanted to improve the performance of its website. Its goal was to elevate the visitor web experience, first through the provision of local information and support and second by enabling consistently fast software downloads, no matter where users were in the world.

“Creating a personalized local presence is an essential part of our brand strategy,” confirmed Daniel Hjorholt, CTO of SPAMfighter. “It helps drive traffic to our site and enables us to deliver a unique and innovative customer experience.”

The Challenge

Satisfying customer expectations online is a primary business need for SPAMfighter. However, with the rapid growth of user numbers in new world markets, SPAMfighter’s existing content delivery provider was unable to deliver the consistent service delivery SPAMfighter needed to support its rapidly growing global presence.

“Our prior content delivery provider supported us during our early years, but as we expanded we found that their level of service delivery fluctuated and often resulted in poor customer service,” explained Hjorholt. “As we looked to expand further, it became apparent that they would not be able to provide the level of performance and reliability our customers needed.”

Remote users in market such as Asia, for example, were experiencing unacceptable page download times of up to six seconds. Furthermore, software downloads were being unnecessarily extended because ISPs generally route traffic via the cheapest and often most indirect route. The reality of poorly executed software downloads for SPAMfighter meant disenchanted customers, poor brand reputation and an additional burden on internal customer service teams.

To ensure a more positive customer experience and provide localized content without a complex and costly infrastructure build-out, SPAMfighter needed the resources to reliably put its business in front of customers, anywhere in the world.

The Goal

SPAMfighter wanted to achieve:

  • Optimized page download speeds, regardless of where users were located.
  • Reliable localized content delivery for global customers.
  • Increased software delivery completion rates globally.
  • Faster software delivery to maintain user confidence and satisfaction.

Why Akamai

Global Reach, Local Impact Akamai’s Dynamic Site Accelerator and Download Delivery place a globally distributed highly scalable platform of more than 25,000 servers in over 1,000 networks across 71 countries at the disposal of SPAMfighter. Akamai’s dynamic mapping system directs user requests to an optimal Akamai CDN server and uses route optimization to identify the fastest and most reliable route to retrieve dynamic data held on SPAMfighter’s servers. SPAMfighter is now able to target and manage user growth in new geographic markets with confidence, as Hjortholt explained. “Akamai gives us the capacity on demand we require to reach global customers without the cost, timing constraints or risk of expanding our own global infrastructure.”

Provisioning for capacity in periods of peak demand is no longer an operational issue,and the reliability of its service delivery has already proved popular with site users. “We are very pleased with the results we have seen switching to Akamai,” confirmed Daniel Hjortholt. “We have witnessed an increase in traffic to our site due to the decreased transfer time from backend to end user. The user experience is consistent, which in turn helps reduce abandonment rates and encourages browse-tobuy behaviors.”

Delivering Localized Content

With customers in 214 countries and territories SPAMfighter is fast becoming established as a brand with a truly global reach. Its approach of creating a powerful localized presence for users has proved a winning formula in enabling strong entry and growth in new geographic territories.

Using Akamai’s Dynamic Site Accelerator and Geotargeting solution SPAMfighter is now able to deliver more locally-driven content, including local currency for purchases and transactions.

Fast page downloads of customized content gives SPAMfighter users in different regions around the world access to the same level of relevant information and support in their native language as customers based closer to home. “We can generate and target content to end users in their native language or currency, personalizing our website pages without any diminution to the end user experience,” confirmed Hjortholt.

Localization not only encourages site visitors to browse and buy, but also enables SPAMfighter to provide a highly personalized customer service, while powerful integration with back-end systems enables Optimized customer centric processing. SPAMfighter’s ability to penetrate international online markets, by adapting its online presence to local user cultural needs, has gained award- winning recognition.

SPAMfighter is able to categorize and control how content on each page is delivered, cached and routed, updating localized page content as frequently as necessary. Caching content not only enables greater flexibility, in terms of site optimization, but reduces the burden and demand on SPAMfighter’s own servers.

“We determine the exact cache requirement for every element of each page, so we can manage localized content with ease,” Hjortholt explained.“We’re now able to create dynamic and individualized pages for users that exactly meet their needs.”

Fast, Reliable Software Downloads

Fast, efficient software delivery via its Website is a key element of the SPAMfighter business model. Frustration with any aspect of this process can lead to user dissatisfaction, poor brand reputation and high levels of calls to customer support teams. Enabling the timely download and distribution of software and updates to customers is essential, even for users in areas of the world with a less developed Internet infrastructure or poor connectivity.

Akamai’s Download Delivery has helped SPAMfighter achieve a higher rate of successful software delivery. Since using the service SPAMfighter has seen the number of downloads for its software increase the user database by more than one million users in just four months something that previously took years.

“Akamai has given us the performance and reliability our customers needed,” said Hjortholt. “Akamai puts SPAMfighter right into the ISP’s network, close to the end user, enabling us to give end users a better experience with improved website performance and faster downloads.”

Scalability to Support Unpredicted Demand

In just four months Akamai enabled SPAMfighter to improve the quality of its end user web experience with faster, secure and more dynamic website performance and a reliable, effective global distribution service for its software. Now SPAMfighter can forge ahead with its continued expansion, confident it has the scalability to cope with growing user demand.

“Akamai has truly delivered the support we need to continue our growth as a global company,” concluded Hjorholt. “Its network and sophisticated software solutions provide the perfect support vehicle to help our expansion globally.”

About SPAMFighter

SPAMfighter is Europe’s leading spam filter developer. The Danish company is owned by the founders of, Henrik Sørensen and Martin Thorborg, together with two programmers, Daniel Hjortholt and Martin Dyring. SPAMfighter is based in Copenhagen, is debt-free and is 100 per cent financed by income from the sale of the SPAMfighter client. For more information, visit

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