Styleshare Makes Its Move To Become one of The Top Crowd Sourced Fashion Platform Powered By Akamai

“Considering the nature of the mobile app business, reliability is one of the most critical areas for ensuring our success. In the past, we have struggled with various issues such as failure of image loading when network system errors take place. However, we are able to provide seamless services with Akamai’s Media Delivery solutions without any problem.”

Hyun-Joon Kim , engineer , StyleShare


StyleShare is a fashion platform that has users accessing its platform from over 120 countries. Since its launch in October 2011, the company has achieved a rapid increase in membership, exceeding one million subscribers. The StyleShare platform has a high number of active users - 300,000 per month and 120,000 daily active users - and has quickly transformed itself into one of the top fashion platforms in Korea.


StyleShare’s user base has been growing rapidly to over 1.5 million subscribers. As a result, the company needed a more reliable service to respond to the growing number of users, both at home and abroad, as it transforms itself from Korea's top fashion social network to a converged global fashion platform. This includes a purchasing platform, shopping information, advertisements and streaming service. The company also had to adapt to the continued growth of its overseas users, which represents 15 percent of its total user base. As part of the plan to evolve into a multi-platform fashion service, StyleShare was getting itself ready for business diversification, which requires a consistent delivery in outstanding user experiences for its future services


  • Provide reliable services upon business expansion
  • Minimize the need for additional infrastructure investment in dealing with an increase in traffic
  • Establish a highly reliable IT infrastructure for upcoming business diversification

Major Results

  • Migration to the Akamai Media Delivery solutions was completed without any technical difficulties in less than two weeks
  • A foundation was laid for Korea's top converged fashion platform, which provides not only shopping information but also advertisements and streaming service

Reason for Selection

StyleShare is one of the most prominent startups among the social networking services in Korea. You may come across some eye-catching street fashion, but it's not easy to find detailed information on these items. Since its launch in 2011, many trendsetters have shared their fashion information on StyleShare and users could enjoy benefits from crowd-sourced information. Soon, famous models, fashion brands, new designers and online soho malls followed and joined StyleShare, creating one of the most active content ecosystems in the fashion business.

StyleShare has never been marketed to overseas consumers, but despite that, its global market presence has increased by 15 percent. With the influx of users, StyleShare needed to replace its old system, which was built when it was still a small-scale startup, with a new and more reliable system without costly additional investments for an IT infrastructure. With the help of the Akamai Intelligent Platform, StyleShare can now deliver content across devices and platforms, globally.

A Clear Choice for Reliable Service and Vision Realization

StyleShare implemented Akamai’s Media Delivery Solutions to deliver dynamically generated rich, interactive content to users without delay. As StyleShare relies on its online presence to provide most of its business services such as software updates, media files, mobile apps and security patches, it became critical to be able to provide reliable software downloads to its users. New functions to meet the users' changing needs and security updates are essential for a mobile app, but the team needed to manage high traffic during an update.

Remarkable Stability Provided Reliable Service In spite of Increasing Traffic

It didn't take much time to build a new system once StyleShare decided to go with Akamai. With the attentive support by Akamai's experts, the basic foundation was laid in just three days, and the final test was completed within two weeks. "We were able to fully optimize the system using Luna Control Center before the new system was established," explains Hyun-Joon Kim, engineer at StyleShare. "It offered the best visibility among all the solutions we have tested so far." The image downloading speed improved by 90 percent, to 0.144 seconds from 1.576 seconds. Following those improvements, the number of StyleShare’s local users increased 240 percent in a year after deploying Akamai, and global users increased by about 200 percent in the same period.

The largest benefit of implementing the Akamai solutions over its competition was the unparalleled improvement in reliability. Before using Akamai, StyleShare’s images did not load accurately if a failure occurred in a certain server hosting location and the content was delivered slowly. "You often hear that customers were inconvenienced greatly by service failures of a telecommunications service provider. Since implementing Akamai’s Media Delivery solutions, we've been able to deliver our services under all circumstances without any interruption through the cloud edge infrastructure," said Kim.

Moving Beyond Korea's Top Fashion Platform to the Global Fashion Platform

With a more reliable service platform in place, StyleShare plans to position itself as Korea's top converged fashion platform, going beyond being a fashion social network. Based on its active content ecosystem, the company is making a constant effort to evolve itself into "Converged Fashion Platform" that includes a purchasing platform, shopping information and reviews, advertisements and streaming service by providing brands with opportunities to promote their products. Taking advantage of the spread of Hallyu (the Korean Wave) with which the popularity of K-fashion and Korean models are on the rise, StyleShare plans to increase the share of its overseas users and be among the top global fashion platforms.

About StyleShare

StyleShare ( is Korea's top fashion platform. Since the service's launch in October 2011, the company's user base has been rapidly growing and it now has over 1.5 million subscribers. It has been evolving from a social networking service into a top fashion platform by forming content-sharing partnerships with the nation's famous media outlets such as Naver, Vogue Girl and Ceci.

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