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TFI adopts Akamai’s Media Delivery solutions to help it expand globally

“Akamai’s Media Delivery solution creates great synergy with our video streaming solutions. Working with Akamai has helped us change Hong Kong’s digital media landscape and take our business to a global audience without the need to invest in capital and operational expenditure or critical infrastructure. The successful partnership has enabled TFI to further innovate with our existing resources which, in turn, is helping us to explore new markets and business opportunities.”

Wilson Yuen , Founder and CEO , TFI Digital Media Limited

The Situation

Founded in 2010, Hong Kong’s TFI Digital Media Limited is a fast-growing leader in video streaming technology and is an industry pioneer. Its video streaming technology enables all kinds of event organizers, media companies, and other businesses to bring in new revenue streams from advertising, ticketing, or sponsorship. Its video streaming technology can support over 20 platforms including mobile phones, tablets, Smart TVs, game consoles, and almost any mobile or digital platform now being used.

The Challenge

Founded by a university professor, TFI is one of the few local Hong Kong software companies to have developed its own video technology and patent-pending encoding technology. Its proprietary HERMES OTT Video Solution is a cloud-based innovation that can provide the scalability and flexibility needed for dynamic streaming.

However, as the young company started to explore overseas markets, it was not feasible for TFI to invest in its own large-scale content delivery infrastructure. TFI realized it needed to work with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) – one capable of optimizing streaming video playback performance and quality by leveraging a distributed network of servers.

The Goal

TFI had a number of key requirements to support its growth objectives:

  • Extended global reach: Increase the geographic coverage of its video streaming services to attract new business from outside Hong Kong
  • Optimized viewing experience: Access a reliable and powerful global content delivery infrastructure to provide access to a full HD or HD live stream on web and mobile devices
  • Quick time to market: Quickly deliver reliable solutions to customers in order to remain competitive in the global market

Why Akamai

TFI understood that having a global CDN leader like Akamai is critical to helping it achieve its business growth goals. Leveraging the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, TFI could enjoy global coverage, a high-quality streaming experience, and superior access-control capability.

At the same time, Akamai also saw great potential in TFI. In fact, its core technology in live video encoding was the first in China to be qualified by Akamai. The strong support from a global CDN leader certainly helped the new market entrant gain trust from its clients for world-class video encoding, streaming, and delivery services.

Global coverage for emerging markets
Akamai has deployed the most pervasive, highly distributed CDN with servers all around the world. These servers allow video content to be delivered from locations close to the viewers. Thus, when TFI needed to quickly respond to the changing business landscape in the media and entertainment industry in different parts of the world – including a Video-On-Demand (VOD) movie rental company’s request for streaming support outside Hong Kong – a partnership with Akamai proved to be a compelling answer.

With Akamai’s CDN, local entrepreneurs such as TFI can now distribute their services and content to consumers in new markets in Asia and South America as well as those in more established markets like the U.S. and Europe. The global delivery capability has also enabled TFI to explore new customer segments.

Smooth viewing experience to fulfill consumer desires
As a video streaming solutions provider, TFI also needs to help its clients meet increasing demand for a flawless viewing experience anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Using Akamai’s Media Delivery solutions, optimized for Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming, TFI is able to offer a high-quality viewing experience across a broad variety of network types and connection speeds — a great synergy of both companies’ innovations.

Flexible infrastructure accelerates time to market
Akamai's Media Delivery solutions proved their power when TFI set a new milestone for its live event streaming service following its appointment as the Official Worldwide Online Live Streaming and Video-On-Demand partner by the 35th Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA) Presentation Ceremony. And the HKFA gave TFI just over a month to make it happen!

With strong support from Akamai’s experienced system engineers and technical project managers, TFI quickly tapped into the Akamai CDN and Media Delivery solutions. TFI was able to avoid unnecessary capital and operational expenditures on infrastructure and successfully delivered a live, high-quality stream of the ceremony to online viewers from 21 territories outside Hong Kong under an extremely tight schedule. Concurrently, there were over 35,000 unique users who enjoyed the first-ever overseas live streaming of the so-called “Oscars of Asia”.

“In addition to TFI’s own solution, a partner like Akamai is a critical component for success. Akamai’s well-established Media Delivery solutions provided us with the flexibility and agility to hit the ground running immediately after our appointment,” said Wilson Yuen, Founder and CEO of TFI Digital Media Limited.

Worldwide business growth
Using Akamai’s global infrastructure for content distribution, TFI has dramatically increased its ability to promote Hong Kong arts, culture, and films globally. Starting from Hong Kong, the company can also bring homegrown technology and new industry applications to new markets.

About TFI Digital Media Limited (TFI)

TFI Digital Media Limited is a leading video technology company headquartered in Hong Kong, with a vision to "Bring Content, Culture and People Together". As a pioneer in video technology, TFI empowers its clients to take up business transformation journey, create remarkable business value to drive business growth.

Since its inception in 2010, TFI focuses on the research and development in Video related Technologies, AI, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics to deliver content everywhere across the world.

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