TV 2

Akamai enables TV 2 to provide a flawless streaming experience to their customers while providing the scalability to meet peak traffic demands

TV2 Customer Testimonial
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"Since we launched the adaptive streaming and the HD Network, we've seen the average viewing time per subscriber quadruple and we have also seen an increase in subscriptions by 40%."

Helge Hoibraaten , Manager , TV 2

TV 2 is the largest commercial television station in Norway. Over 30% of the time Norwegians spend watching TV is spent watching TV 2. The station has 65% of the market for TV commercials in Norway.

Their goal is to create an engaging user experience for the viewers in Norway, and one of the challenges they face is scalability. When delivering large events, they have a lot of users visiting their site at one time, and they didn’t have a solution to handle that peak server traffic.

TV 2 leveraged Akamai to scale their programs, particularly when broadcasting major events, which included adding server capacity and load balancing to manage traffic spikes. In addition to this Akamai also helped decrease bottlenecks and increase end user quality, all through the Akamai network.