Media Services Live

Bridge the gap between live streaming and broadcast television with Media Services Live's new capabilities

Akamai’s Media Services Live focuses on bringing reliability and scale to live streaming.
The new, liveOrigin™ capabilities are designed to operate in concert to support the same level of quality for linear video streaming that is expected of traditional broadcast television. Our solution is also fully compatible with Akamai’s Adaptive Media Delivery. Content providers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they can deliver high-quality streaming that pleases their viewers every time.

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Media Services Live
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Media Services Live

For over 18 years, Akamai has been delivering some of the world’s largest live streaming events, as well as many of the most popular live linear OTT services. This experience gives us a unique vantage point in architecting our live streaming solutions. One of the key lessons we’ve learned while working with our media customers transitioning to live linear OTT is this: live streaming is NOT broadcast.

A closer look at the requirements to deliver high quality live linear streaming reveals our customers face a number of sizable challenges:

  • Ingestion of content needs to be 24x7 rather than just event based. How can this be achieved when the Internet is so unpredictable?
  • Content delay must be reduced drastically from the 30-60 second delay between what the camera captures and what is seen in the playback. To match true broadcast experiences, latency needs to be less than 10 seconds.
  • Broadcast reliability is expected by online viewers. When components fail, how can they be sure the end user experience isn’t impacted?
  • Visibility and transparency benefits customers. Viewing and understanding how their live linear 24x7 stream is performing helps them quickly address problems when they happen.
  • Secure transport of content must be assured from ingestion through the delivery chain.
  • Alternative ways for end users to view their content, which are controlled by the customer, are expected.