Media Services Live

Bridge the gap between live streaming and broadcast with Media Services Live’s purpose-built capabilities.

Akamai’s Media Services Live focuses on bringing reliability and scale to live streaming.
The new, liveOrigin™ capabilities are designed to operate in concert to support the same level of quality for live video streaming (live event and 24/7 live linear) expected of traditional broadcast television. Content providers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they can deliver high-quality streaming that pleases their viewers every time. The Media Services Live solution is fully compatible Akamai’s Adaptive Media Delivery. Akamai’s Adaptive Media Delivery.

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Media Services Live
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Media Services Live

For more than 18 years Akamai has delivered some of the world’s largest live streaming events and worked with several of the world’s most popular content providers, giving us a unique vantage point for architecting our live solution.

Live streaming is not broadcast. A significant gap that still remains between traditional TV and streaming in terms of performance and quality. Understanding the challenges that content providers face, Akamai has developed a purpose-built solution to help you deliver a streaming experience that matches, or exceeds, that of broadcast.

Learn how Akamai can help you delight your online audience every time with broadcast-quality experiences for your live streaming and 24/7 live linear services.

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