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Offload broadcast stream management to Akamai expert

Maintain and improve the quality, reliability, and availability of your media streams.

Deep visibility, round-the-clock monitoring, and quick mitigation for a better-than-broadcast viewer experience
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What is the Broadcast Operations Control Center?

Broadcast Operations Control Center Overview

The BOCC is a managed solution designed for customers looking to offload (or supplement) proactive monitoring, alerting, live support, and mitigation for their OTT video streams. It provides direct access to Akamai media experts who have unprecedented network visibility and offer hands-on assistance when there is a need.

Proactive, Real-Time 24/7 Monitoring and Mitigation

to address stream quality and availability issues.

Gain Deeper Insights

into your media setup and get best practice recommendations for optimization.

Round-the-Clock Access to Akamai Media Experts

for assistance.

Ensure High Quality of Service

through detailed component-level reports and quality metrics.

Enhanced Live Event Coverage and Reporting

for your most important events.

Minimize Operational Costs

by offloading management of your media streams to Akamai.

Proactive 24/7 Stream Monitoring by Media Experts

Akamai's team of media experts leverage the state-of-the-art Broadcast Operations Control Center (BOCC).

Alerting & Mitigation

Advanced monitoring tools and industry-leading experts are continuously at work to help detect any degradation in stream quality before it impacts end users.

Direct Access to Media Experts

Akamai BOCC will provide you with direct, ongoing access to Akamai media experts, who empower the most advanced media brands globally.

Periodic Reports, Insights, and Recommendations

Receive broadcast summary reports that offer insights and understanding into the state of your Akamai media infrastructure.

Live Event Monitoring

BOCC includes coverage for one live streaming event per month.