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Entertainment that knows no bounds

Redefining the online entertainment experience with the next generation CDN

Video accounts for more than half of all consumer Internet traffic, and today’s media-savvy audiences expect a flawless experience online. Akamai’s next generation CDN services deliver the highest quality media affordably and at scale, solving the challenges of multi-device consumption while simplifying a multi-channel workflow. All top 30 media and entertainment companies, all of the major US sports leagues and the leading gaming platforms trust Akamai to deliver the best online experiences.

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Akamai Entertainment Experience

Today's Next Generation Content Delivery Network

It's time to re-think not just online content and applications, but how they are delivered. Your content delivery network (CDN) has to be faster, more reliable and more secure. In short, it has to be Akamai.

The Media Delivery Cookbook

Creating Winning Online Media Experiences

Online media viewers visit your site to read news, watch online video, play games and download media and software of all kinds. Learn techniques for serving up high-performance online media to your customers.

A Guide to Multi-Layered Web Security

Manage Risk by Extending Security to the Cloud

No matter the quality, viewers can’t enjoy content if your site is down. Global media brands increasingly face threats of DDoS attacks, defacement and data theft. Akamai can help you keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape.

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