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Dr. Alex Caro

Alex Caro

Senior Vice President, Portal and Data Interfaces

Alex Caro is Senior Vice President, Portal and Data Interfaces at Akamai, based at the company's headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His teams are responsible for defining Akamai's next generation product and data experiences, developing the engineering systems to support these experiences, and documenting Akamai's capabilities to make them easy to understand for customers and developers.

Previously, Dr. Caro was VP of Engineering for Akamai's Web Performance Business Unit. He led the group that developed products such as Ion, Image Manager, Cloudlets, API Gateway, and underlying secure CDN technologies. He joined Akamai in 1999 as a Research Scientist and contributed to the development of core elements of Akamai’s intelligent distributed platform. In addition, he has served in roles beyond engineering, as corporate Chief Information Officer and as CTO & VP of Professional Services for the Asia-Pacific-Japan region.

Prior to Akamai, Dr. Caro worked at several technology startups in the Boston area. He holds four degrees from MIT, including a Ph.D. in Computer Science.