Video Optimization

Video optimization solutions enhance online viewing experiences for consumers and improve network utilization, thereby enabling cable operators and mobile carriers to handle surges in demand for high-resolution streaming digital media—and the bandwidth necessary to supply it.

With the ubiquity of high-speed internet access, the availability of OTT subscription streaming video services and the accessibility of premium content via initiatives like TV Everywhere and Ultraviolet, more and more users are choosing to be entertained when they want, where they want, and from whatever device they choose. And despite the toll this inevitably takes on network infrastructures, consumers have come to expect more content and better video performance from online media services.

Implementing video optimization is one of the ways service providers are working to respond to consumer demand for instantaneous startup, smooth playback and superior video quality from start to finish.

Video Optimization to Ensure Improved Video Performance

Originally used in hotspots or areas of high congestion to provide interruption-free streaming of online content, video optimization techniques are increasingly being incorporated throughout networks due to the explosive growth in digital media consumption. Using video optimization protocols like HTTP live streaming that help reduce the amount of bandwidth consumed by a streaming session, service providers are able to offer exceptional quality video without having to spend unnecessarily on network expansion.

Although video optimization techniques such as video transcoding, edge caching, and adaptive bit rate (ABR) streaming are excellent methods for packaging and delivering content streams that will perform well on a variety of networks and devices, they can be expensive to implement due to the equipment, storage capacity and expertise needed. Effective ABR streaming in particular requires that video streams be encoded at multiple bit rates, screen sizes and quality levels, a process that complicates content preparation and management workflows.

A One-Stop Cloud-based Video Optimization Solution from Akamai

Leveraging cloud-based solutions to optimize video for the plethora of platforms and devices in today's ever-expanding media consumption ecosystem can help service providers streamline workflows, reach wider audiences, and boost customer satisfaction.

Akamai's Media Delivery Solutions is a cloud-based stream packaging service that enables the intelligent delivery of high-quality video streaming to multiple platforms from a single media file. Our video optimization technology dynamically transcodes and packages content in real time for specific devices and network conditions. The Media Delivery Solutions suite also integrates seamlessly with Media Storage—our massively scalable, globally-distributed storage and HTTP delivery network—and Media Analytics, our advanced video analytics suite.

Let us show you how to stream video successfully and cost-effectively while consistently delivering the best possible performance to each and every device, platform, and user.

Discover how Akamai can help you optimize your online video content on-the-fly.