API Security

API security is mission critical for organizations to develop partnerships, create connections for employees, and enable modern application architectures. They need scale, protection, and governance to be successful.

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Benefits of an Akamai Solution for API Security

Grow consumption without limits

You can seamlessly achieve the scale necessary to drive API consumption with high availability that will help you achieve and exceed business targets.

Faster innovation and developer agility

Provide a platform for your developers and operations teams that empowers them to move fast, and allows for federated development with diverse code and infrastructure requirements, protected and governed by a unified set of global controls.

Exceptional performance and offload

Deliver fast and highly available API services that are powered by route optimization, API response caching, scalable authentication, and protection from malicious traffic.

Streamline operations and administration

A single global zone for API authentication and quota management, where every edge server is an API gateway, helps you eliminate the challenges to manage and scale each region and zone independently.

Scale your API security posture and reduce risk

Use a single set of API security controls wherever they are deployed—both today and in the future—to maintain a consistent security posture, reduce training needs, and scale your security team to keep up with your business.

Ensure peak readiness

It's critical to know that your API can scale for peak events. Akamai can help you prepare by testing performance under massive load to identify issues and ensure peak readiness.

Solution Architectures



Fast and reliable delivery with dynamic acceleration of API responses at the Edge, powered by advanced technologies from HTTP/2 acceleration to GraphQL caching.

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Kona Site Defender

Protect API services from DDoS and web application attacks. Leverage a single security configuration to maintain a consistent security posture across all your services, and integrate with CI/CD processes to simplify operations.

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API Gateway

Easily manage access, authentication, and traffic flow to safely and cost effectively grow API consumption with a massively scalable and globally distributed gateway that simplifies your operations and your architecture.

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Bot Manager

Identify, categorize, and manage automated bot traffic interacting with your APIs. Manage the business and IT impacts of bots, including credential stuffing, web scraping, inventory grabbing, and good bot management.

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Test the scalability of your API services and architectures to ensure readiness for peak traffic events. Real-time analytics and customizable dashboards provide actionable intelligence to perform root-cause analysis on discovered issues.

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Application Load Balancer

Modern load balancing to balance web traffic across on-premises and cloud-based applications. Define multiple configuration scenarios and quickly switch between them with a single click or API call, or failover automatically in response to outages with a cloud provider.

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API Prioritization Cloudlet

Avoid long wait times or server failure for API driven applications and services. Serve an alternate file response from the Edge in the event your API or service is at risk of becoming overloaded.

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DataStream delivers real-time middle-mile visibility. Push and Pull APIs provide customized data logs and aggregated metrics on CDN health, latency, offload, errors, and events.

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