Your app’s a winner. Make sure it performs like one.

Mobile apps are one of the best ways to engage with your users — but these users expect instant performance. See how Akamai can help overcome app delivery challenges to deliver engaging app experiences that can drive greater engagement and loyalty.

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How Akamai Delivers Mobile App Experiences
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Mobile application data frequently needs to traverse variable cellular connectivity to reach your end users. This data often can benefit from optimization while in transit. Akamai addresses mobile-specific performance at all critical layers: at the Internet core, at the Akamai Intelligent Platform edge, and over cellular networks to the device.

  • Extend sessions through better user engagement: Akamai’s commitment to delivering the richest experience in the shortest amount of time begins with network deployments uniquely suited for cellular users and client side technologies that are designed to allow for instantaneous app views and seamless browsing experiences based on network awareness and contextual prepositioning of content.
  • Optimize images for mobile apps: Akamai uses proprietary network detection routines to automatically determine if you are on a good or poor network and the device type. Apps can be made aware if they should request big bold images or compressed images, whether to serve contextually rich product videos and images or generic content from the device cache immediately to maximize the user experience.
  • Gain insight into user engagement to maximize agility & performance: Get on-device analytics into how real users interact with your application and characteristics including device, battery, 3rd party content, and network bandwidth, impact application performance and user behavior. We can do event-based monitoring and measuring to identify the quality of the user experience.
  • Fast purge and activation: Your organization requires both scale and responsiveness to meet the needs of your mobile app audiences. Akamai provides unmatched scale and the ability to purge cache configurations in seconds. No other vendor offers both.
  • Support for the latest performance standards: Akamai makes it easy for its customers to enable the newest Internet standards, like HTTP/2 and IPv6, and the performance benefits inherent in them. Easily enable secure connections as a path to better SEO, as well as the ability to enable HTTP/2, the latest web protocol. Turn on IPv6 for your mobile app client connections – even if your origin infrastructure isn’t enabled for it.

Product Information

  • Akamai Ion
    Ion is the first situational performance solution, designed to meet the new challenges of always-connected audiences. It offers an integrated suite of content delivery, acceleration and optimization technologies with the intelligence to make real-time web and mobile optimization decisions based on the situational requirements of device, network, location, and browser.

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  • Mobile App Performance SDK
    Akamai offers client side technology in the form of a software development kit (SDK) that can be embedded within the mobile app and extends the Akamai edge to the device. The Mobile App Performance SDK is lightweight and self-serviceable. Simply download the license and add a few lines of code to your existing app and you are able to enable your app to understand network conditions, pre-position content, better manage images based on connection and device type, optimize API traffic and understand the performance of the app.

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  • Mobile Performance Solutions
    Akamai offers integrated mobile and cellular web performance solutions that help organizations reduce cost by eliminating infrastructure necessary to deliver mobile content, increase revenue by optimizing web performance in the mobile channel, and get ahead of competition by leveraging key user insight to tailor customers' mobile experiences.

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  • Kona Site Defender
    Integrated protection for websites and APIs against sophisticated DDoS and web application attacks.

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  • Bot Manager
    Advanced strategies to flexibly manage the long-term business and IT impact of bots.

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  • API Gateway
    APIs are at the core of nearly every digital experience, meaning their performance security, and scalability are critical to engaging customers and increasing revenue.

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