CDN Online Streaming

Employing protocols that allow for real-time data transfer, online streaming brings us the magic of "click and play" enjoyment. Gone are the days of waiting for media to download. As long as we have the appropriate player or plug-in, it is now possible for us to start playing a media file within seconds of clicking on a link.

With the abundance of media streaming services and mobile devices available today, web users can now access their preferred media whenever they want, from wherever they are, and ideally, instantaneously.

How Online Streaming Can Help Your Enterprise Build and Keep an Audience

Because it's simple and easy for consumers to use, online streaming isn't merely convenient—it's become an almost intuitive way to engage with the web and the world. While on-demand and live video streaming services have evolved into a core business of the media and entertainment industry, businesses and organizations in other fields are finding that online video is an effective and increasingly essential tool for marketing and communications purposes.

Whether used to sell a product or an idea, train staff members, or present a lecture, a successful online streaming program backed by a reliable online video platform (OVP) can help your enterprise efficiently and cost-effectively carry out business while broadening your reach farther than you may have thought possible.

The Challenges to Achieving Success with an Online Streaming Strategy

Online streaming isn't easy or fail-proof for content providers, however. Maintaining a high standard of video quality while ensuring access to your media from any geographical location or device is one of the most difficult challenges an organization faces when implementing a web-based streaming strategy.

To avoid unnecessary expenditures on hardware and software to implement a high-performance online streaming offering, companies are turning to OVPs to assist with complex content delivery tasks such as video transcoding and video optimization. Leveraging the infrastructure and expertise of an OVP provider allows firms to focus their attention on creating attractive, interesting and fresh content.

Akamai: Your Partner in Packaging and Delivering a Successful Online Streaming Product

Built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, a distributed network of intelligent software and more than 216,000 servers located throughout the world, our Media Delivery Solutions can help you build and keep your audience by giving them the highest quality online streaming experience available. With Media Delivery Solutions, our cloud-based "one-stop" content preparation, storage, and delivery solution, you can ensure that your viewers enjoy smooth, high quality playback from wherever, whenever and on whatever device they choose. With over a decade of experience in streaming media, Akamai can provide you with the reliability, scalability and innovation you need to make the most of your online presence.

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