CDN Services for Startups FAQ

This FAQ section will help answer some concerns of startups while choosing Akamai as an integral part of their web presence.

1. Why does a startup need Akamai? 

As a startup, we understand your need to hit the ground running. Whether you are leveraging cloud services or building your business model on a content delivery network (CDN), ensuring optimal performance of your web properties is essential to increasing productivity and cut costs. Akamai is a cloud-based platform that is built to support businesses of all sizes and forms of online presence – a powerful integrated solution that is engineered to help your startup grow while navigating the challenges and opportunities of the Internet.

2. How is Akamai different from any other CDN?

Akamai isn’t just a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Not anymore. We’ve evolved over the years to develop a cloud-based platform that takes your sites and apps closer to your end users. With over a hundred thousand servers deployed in more than 1,300 locations, you can grow your startup business faster forward, which no other CDN provider can match by: 

3. I have heard that Akamai is an expensive platform. Is it true? 

No. We bill our customers on a pay as you grow model. You can start small with us and as your traffic grows, we can scale your costs as well. To know more, please schedule a meeting with us to understand how our customized pricing model for startups works.

4. What attention is Akamai going to give me considering I’m a small startup? 

Our CDN platform doesn’t differentiate you from any of our bigger customers and we support all of our customers around the clock and through the year. Our solutions are built to handle some of the largest and complex demands across companies of all sizes. As you are focused on growing your startup, we will be there every step of the way to ensure your online properties keep pace.

5. How long will it take go live on the Akamai CDN platform? 

Our integration time frame is customized based on your needs. We have integrated customers from a few hours to a few weeks depending on their business need and complexity of the integrations.

6. I understand your CDN is great, but what impact will your technology have on my business? 

Our customers see a direct business impact after they go live on the Akamai Intelligent Platform including: 

  1. Higher online conversion ratios and increased revenues 
  2. Increase in ad impressions and revenues 
  3. Increase in user adoption and billing growth 
  4. Higher web application adoption and productivity 

We are ready to partner with you to help you identify and communicate business impact to your stakeholders.

7. What are the examples of startups that grew big on your platform? 

Some of the largest media, gaming, social networking, ecommerce and SaaS companies today grew from being startups to market leaders in their respective industries, working with and leveraging the Akamai CDN platform. While we are restricted by privacy policy to reveal all our customers, visit Startups Leveraging Akamai for a glimpse of how some of them are hitting the ground running by leveraging our platform.

8. How secure is your platform and how do we trust you with our customer data? 

Akamai’s cloud-based web security solutions are designed to leverage the power of the Intelligent Platform to provide detection, identification and mitigation of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and Application layer attacks while ensuring your web properties are available and performing. 

We’ve handled some of the biggest DDoS attacks in the recent past, saving millions of dollars in revenue and protecting data of our customers. 

Visit our Privacy Statement to know more on how we ensure your customer data is safe and secure with us.

9. Can Akamai help save costs on my infrastructure and bandwidth needs? 

Our platform helps you cut down on infrastructure management and modifications, as you grow, with no hidden costs, translating to fast time to value and low risk for your investments. Akamai can help offload multiple areas of your IT infrastructure by addressing critical bottlenecks that hinder performance, security, and availability. 

Please feel free to contact our Startups Representative for a free assessment of your infrastructure for potential cost savings analysis.

10. What is the ROI of using Akamai? 

We have a range of industry ROI tools and calculators to help identify the ROI of using Akamai solutions for your business needs. 

Our Startups Representative are ready to partner with you to identify and communicate business impact to your stakeholders. Contact us to learn more.