Akamai CDN Services for Startups

Startups of all sizes have turned to Akamai to make their business successful. Uniquely positioned to address the growing online needs and challenges of your industry, Akamai provides cloud services driven by our globally-distributed content delivery network (CDN), which can add value right from the get-go. Whether it's enhancing web experiences, increasing application performance, securing content and availability, protecting transactions or improving software downloads — Akamai is an integrated CDN solution for your online presence and web properties.

Companies large and small trust Akamai to deliver fast, reliable and secure online experiences

Akamai empowers Startups to overcome the challenges that come with delivering secure, high performing online experiences during times of exponential growth of sites, transactions and web-based applications. Akamai scales with your business by placing all of the delivery capabilities within the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, distributing site and application optimizations globally and locating them as close as possible to users and data centers anywhere in the world, enabling any experience on any device, anywhere.

Akamai for Media & Entertainment Startups

Viewers today expect the highest possible quality regardless of the viewing device used. Akamai's solutions for Media and Entertainment enable superior viewing experiences by leveraging our heritage in content delivery and media streaming expertise. 

Delivering high quality online media experiences to any device, anywhere is complicated. Akamai Media Delivery Solutions offer services designed to handle the complexities of ever-increasing devices and formats, the need for content protection, and the mechanisms to monetize these experiences. By taking advantage of the benefits of Akamai’s cloud-based media delivery offerings and experience, you can focus on delivering your message through online media, rather than worrying about things like bit rates, stream formats, codecs, and the like.

Akamai for Commerce Startups

Akamai understands that your primary goals as an eCommerce start-up are to connect with the right shoppers at the right time, and to effectively convert browsers to buyers. 

Today’s consumers browse and purchase across multiple touch points including the web, mobile and social channels, and brick-and-mortar stores. Akamai makes it easy and affordable to connect with these omnichannel shoppers in an increasingly hyperconnected world, irrespective of location, while also providing your business is with tools to succeed in an increasingly complex marketplace. 

Our cloud services and solutions help retailers satisfy a range of demands including delivering a high-quality user experience that can increase conversions, revenues, and the overall effectiveness of your online channel - during peak times and throughout the year.

Akamai for SaaS Startups

SaaS has become a mainstream application delivery model in the enterprise since it offers a faster time to market and lower cost channel. But providing a superior end-user experience is a critical differentiator. In order to ensure success in a competitive landscape, you need to provide best-in-class performance and maintain the security of your SaaS application to stay ahead. 

Customers have come to expect high performing, secure access to web applications on any device, at any time. Akamai's cloud-based Intelligent PlatformTM helps deliver your SaaS applications irrespective of where they are hosted, provides a local experience for your global end users, and secures your customer data by identifying, absorbing and blocking web security threats. 

The result? You can increase customer satisfaction and application adoption, which leads to making your SaaS business model profitable.

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