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Customer Enablement: Global Training Solutions

Global Training Solutions

We offer classes designed around Akamai Services: Cloud Security, Web Performance, DevOps, Enterprise Security, and Media Delivery solutions. To see what the classes are all about, check out the course description

3 different class modalities:

Instructor-Led Training (ILT): 

  • Face-to-face workshops

  • Held in multiple locations all over the world

BEST FOR: Customers who are close to the training locations and want to benefit from live interaction in the classroom with instructors and their fellow students.

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Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VLT):

  • The same content as the one delivered in live classes

  • Typically delivered in 4 hour increments over multiple days

BEST FOR: Customers who for various reasons cannot attend live classes and need flexible training solutions.

Certain Support and Service contracts already include free seats to Akamai University.

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Custom On-Site Training:

  • Scheduled on request

  • Tailored curriculum that suits specific customer requirements

  • Held at a customer’s location of choice

BEST FOR: Customers who have a number of employees to be trained and need to tailor the training curriculum to their solutions and participants’ knowledge.

All Premium Support customers are entitled to one on-site training class per contract year.

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I learned in 2 days more than I learned in 2 years about Akamai Technologies. We’ve already identified areas where the performance can be improved using Akamai ION."

Maryna Chysiuk , SONY Crackle


  • Save time and capital expense

  • Reduce network troubleshooting time

  • Ensure end users are not adversely affected when site changes go live

  • Maintain real-time insight into operations

  • Optimize your configurations

  • Optimize site offload, scalability and performance

  • Optimize your media streaming capabilities

  • Troubleshoot web and streaming issues using the Akamai Control Center

  • Training Calendar

Training Calendar

View the planned training calendar for the Akamai University courses.

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