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Our Thinking: Streaming Media Server

As the demand for streaming media continues to rise, content delivery providers require a state-of-the-art streaming media server solution in order to meet customer expectations and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

The right streaming media server must be able to provide broadcast-quality content and scale rapidly to accommodate spikes in user demand. It must be able to optimize and serve media on any device while supporting a wide range of streaming video protocols. And a superior streaming media server must provide unflagging reliability, as any problems in media delivery can have a long-lasting effect on audience perceptions of a content provider’s brand.

A superior streaming media server from Akamai.

To meet these challenges, Akamai offers Adaptive Media Delivery, a streaming media server optimized for Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming and that delivers a superior viewing experience across fixed and mobile networks and varying connection speeds.

Akamai’s streaming media server has proven more than reliable while streaming some of the world’s largest online events, including the Olympics, the Super Bowl and the FIFA World Cup.

Akamai’s streaming server overcomes the challenges of latency, congestion and packet loss on the Internet by using a broad network of edge servers to bring content closer to users. Akamai has 20 to 100 times more Points of Presence (POPs) than other global CDN providers, and relies on partnerships with the world’s leading service providers to place edge servers deep within more than 1200 service provider networks, delivering lower latency and higher quality.

Benefits of Akamai’s streaming media server

Akamai’s streaming media server provides significant advantages for streaming media services:

  • Scalability. Adaptive Media Delivery can quickly scale to serve large audiences, whether planned or unexpected, leveraging the distributed network’s ability for dynamically and intelligently distributing load.
  • Quality. Akamai’s streaming media server enables superior video quality by relying on a globally distributed network architecture that keeps content close to viewers.
  • Optimization. Using Akamai application-aware software intelligence, providers can optimize online video playback quality and performance while monitoring streaming delivery.
  • Experience. Content providers can benefit from Akamai’s experience in streaming the world’s largest online events.
  • Adaptability. With Akamai’s streaming media server, you can reach audiences on any device using a wide range of standard video streaming protocols.

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