CDN Hosting

As network operators struggle to keep up with the insatiable demand for online video, a content delivery network, or CDN hosting platform can be a highly effective and cost-efficient solution for staying competitive. A CDN can enable operators to provide the fast, secure, and reliable online content experience that consumers consistently expect on every device.

But many operators are unable to implement a CDN from scratch, and those that can often require features that go beyond standard bit delivery CDN solutions. A CDN hosting arrangement provides a solution that is easy to deploy and maintain while offering the core benefits that can drive revenue and network efficiency. And when network operators around the world want a trusted CDN hosting solution, they turn to Akamai.

CDN hosting with Akamai

Akamai's Aura Managed CDN is a Software as a Service (SaaS) CDN hosting solution that allows operators to optimize their network for content delivery and launch their own video streaming services with a CDN that is dedicated to their network. Akamai's CDN hosting solution reduces deployment time and upfront costs, and enables operators to deliver multi-screen video services or commercial CDN services by leveraging Akamai's underlying CDN infrastructure and the experts who maintain it.

Aura Managed CDN lets operators add new services and create new opportunities without incurring capital costs or adding additional complexity to the network. Akamai's hosting solution provides a remarkable online experience and offers advanced value-added services that are only available through the Akamai Intelligent Platform™.

Software components of the Aura Managed CDN hosting solution include:

  • Aura Edge eXchange (AEX), a SaaS solution enabling a network operator to deliver online video content and commercial services to customers.
  • Aura Control System, a unified set of tools that supports fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security management, providing operators with visibility over their CDN.
  • Akamai Federation, which enables operators to federate with the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, the world's largest distributed, cloud-computing platform.

Benefits of Akamai's CDN hosting solution

With Akamai Aura Managed CDN hosting, enterprises can:

  • Transform the user experience by accelerating web content, extending online video libraries, and streaming to any device.
  • Reduce complexity with a turnkey CDN hosting solution that is maintained and monitored 24/7 by Akamai.
  • Reduce costs by managing a single CDN infrastructure, eliminating costly hardware, and offloading controlling OTT traffic.
  • Offer premium subscription content and media streaming on multiple devices with multi-format HTTP video delivery.
  • Increase revenue by selling CDN services directly to content owners and providing value-added services.