The content delivery network (CDN) was developed to serve content to Internet users with optimized availability and performance. A CDN typically uses a web of specialized servers that are geographically distributed, helping to accelerate the delivery of content by caching it in multiple locations and then using the closest server to fulfill a request for content from each particular user. As the size and complexity of Internet content has increased over the past decade, the CDN has played an important role in enhancing the user experience, reducing costs, improving security, and managing traffic.

But as web content has increased in size and sophistication, the CDN is confronted with a variety of problems. Streaming media is causing page load times to slow considerably. Dynamic sites are using more sophisticated logic to display complex rendering that can't be cached, and mobile devices are requesting content that is further away from origin servers and that hasn't yet been optimized for these devices.

To address these issues and enable their CDN to evolve and remain competitive, CDN providers are turning to CDN services and solutions from Akamai.

Akamai CDN solutions

Akamai is the creator and operator of the world's most highly distributed CDN, serving 30% of all Internet traffic. With the broadest service portfolio in the industry, Akamai provides next generation CDN solutions for operators everywhere. Akamai Aura Licensed CDN is a suite of operator CDN solutions that enable next generation IP video services delivered any device. Aura Managed CDN is a CDN hosting solution that offers a turnkey and highly scalable content delivery network with infrastructure managed by Akamai. And Akamai media delivery services satisfy audience demand for media streaming content and large file downloads delivered live and on-demand.

Comprehensive CDN capabilities

Akamai CDN solutions address the key challenges of the next generation CDN with:

  • Advanced web performance optimization capabilities that improve mobile, web and CDN performance to enhance the user experience, increase conversions, and boost the bottom line.
  • High-quality video delivery solutions that can easily handle the explosion in online video and satisfy user expectations for quality and fast access.
  • Cloud and CDN security solutions that protect websites, web applications, and infrastructure without sacrificing website or web application performance.
  • Compliance solutions that help to maintain compliance with regulatory frameworks such as HIPAA, BITS and PCI standards.
  • Application delivery acceleration tools to deliver enterprise applications with the speed that global users require.
  • Highly distributed architecture that puts 85% of the world's Internet users within a single "network hop" of an Akamai server.
  • Usability solutions that simplify technical interactions and expand self-service options for next generation CDN Services.