Cloud CDN

As content network delivery (CDN) administrators strive to keep pace with rising subscriber demand for online video, a cloud CDN solution can provide significant benefits.

Users today not only expect access to video whenever and wherever they want it, they expect to consistently to get broadcast quality every time. For network administrators, delivering highly reliable streaming video or video on demand (VoD) requires extremely sophisticated CDN technology. Most administrators, however, lack the resources and expertise to build a state-of-the-art CDN service from the ground up.

That's where cloud CDN services from Akamai can help. By providing high-performance services via a CDN cloud network managed by CDN experts, Akamai's managed cloud CDN solution enables enterprise IT administrators to reduce the cost and complexity of delivering superior video content, large file downloads and other media that can win subscribers and drive new revenue streams.

Akamai's Cloud CDN

Akamai operates the most highly distributed CDN in the world, serving 15% to 30% of Internet traffic every day. With extraordinary depth of experience building and managing CDN solutions, Akamai is the perfect partner for IT administrators who want a managed CDN solution.

Akamai Aura Managed CDN is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud CDN solution that provides administrators with the latest in CDN capabilities on infrastructure managed and maintained by Akamai. With this cloud CDN offering, administrators can deploy a highly scalable and completely turnkey CDN to provide users with access to multi-screen video services, large objects and commercial CDN services. Akamai's cloud CDN enables administrators to move more quickly to take advantage of new opportunities, to deliver superior online experiences and to offer advanced value-added services that are only available on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™. Whether using Aura as a CDN streaming server or a VoD CDN, administrators can realize significant gains in the speed, quality and reliability of video delivery.

Benefits of a cloud CDN solution

Akamai's cloud CDN enables network administrators to:

  • Grow revenue by expanding CDN services, offering more value-added services and selling top services directly to content owners.
  • Reduce costs by relying on Akamai's cloud CDN offering to eliminate costly hardware.
  • Minimize complexity with a turnkey cloud CDN solution that is maintained and monitored 24/7 by Akamai's experts.
  • Deliver premium subscription content to a wide array of devices with multi-format HTTP video delivery.
  • Improve the online experience for users by extending online video libraries, accelerating content delivery and streaming video to any device.
  • Relying on Akamai's cloud CDN security solutions to prevent DDoS CDN attacks and to defend against other sophisticated security threats.