Cloud Computing Companies

Picking a Cloud Computing Company to partner with can be overwhelming with the abundance of cloud service organizations out there.

What Cloud Computing Companies Have in Common

Cloud computing companies have a few things in common that qualify them as "cloud" providers:
  • Cloud computing companies offer information technology as a service that you can access through the internet. They host and maintain the physical infrastructure required to provide the service, sparing you from capital expenditures and IT maintenance headaches.
  • Cloud vendors afford you a substantial degree of self-service control over your usage of the cloud service, typically through a web portal and sometimes also through an application programming interface (API).
  • Cloud computing companies enable you to rapidly scale up or down your service usage. Behind the scenes they leverage virtualization, automation, and other cloud management technologies to facilitate this service agility.
  • Cloud providers charge you based on how much of the service you use.

How Cloud Computing Companies Differ

Important differences among cloud computing companies include:
  • The type of IT service offered. The cloud service market is typically categorized by Infrastructure as a Service (providing fundamental compute, storage, and network resources), Platform as a Service (providing complete development platforms including application servers and database servers, for example), and Software as a Service (providing application-level services such as customer relationship management, marketing analytics, and so on).
  • The scale and resiliency of the provider's cloud computing architecture. The best cloud computing companies operate across multiple, geographically dispersed data centers, ensuring uninterrupted service availability for their clients.
  • The quality of the self-service component. The cloud provider's web portal will be the primary way that you interface with the service, so look into whether the portal is well-designed and lets you easily control your service usage.
  • Longevity and experience. The cloud service market is booming, which means that along with established providers with proven track records there are a great many cloud computing companies that are new and untested.

What Makes Akamai One of the World's Leading Cloud Computing Companies

Among the many cloud computing companies, Akamai stands out. Here's why:
  • We offer a rich array of cloud services that deliver proven ROI. The Akamai cloud enables service providers and enterprises to accelerate and optimize the delivery of web content and applications to end users anywhere in the world, no matter what type of connected device they use. By using Akamai's cloud services, you ensure a better experience for users of your web site or web-based business applications.
  • The Akamai Intelligent Platform is one of the world's largest and most resilient cloud infrastructures, encompassing more than 240,000 cloud servers in more than 120 countries.
  • Akamai provides clients with a state-of-art self-service portal that provides complete control over and visibility into your service usage.
  • Akamai has a proven track record of delivering ROI for our clients. We started the build-out of our global content distribution network 15 years ago, and we've provided our clients with high-value cloud services since long before the "cloud" label became fashionable.

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