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The Akamai Intelligent Platform™

The foundation for CDN and cloud security services

Akamai has developed and operates the world’s largest and most advanced, cloud-based platform for securely distributing and accelerating web content, enterprise applications and video. The Akamai Intelligent Platform is unparalleled in terms of its distributed footprint, consisting of software that resides on over 175,000 servers in more than 1,300 networks in 100+ countries. Akamai’s software continually maps the Internet to create a comprehensive knowledge of network conditions, provide instant device-level detection and optimization, and identify, absorb, and block security threats.

Serving more than two trillion Internet interactions every day, Akamai’s massively-distributed platform provides businesses with significant advantage in terms of performance, reliability, cost, and the ability to withstand attacks.

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The Internet was not designed for the rigors of business that we experience today. Anticipating the traffic, innovation and demand to come, Akamai created a business-ready platform. We have transformed the Internet into a fast, reliable and secure place to deliver content and applications. At the core of Akamai’s platform is intelligent software… patented algorithms that help companies overcome unreliable networks, congestion, inefficient protocols and malicious attacks. It maps users to the most optimal servers, routes traffic along the fastest paths, shapes content for the most efficient delivery, and mitigates cyber threats. This intelligent software ties everything together in a single, united platform delivering high levels of availability, on-demand scale and around-the-clock insight and control.

Akamai continues to grow our Intelligent Platform to keep pace with the rapidly increasing volume of Internet traffic and devices, the rich nature of content, the complexity of interactions, and the evolving landscape of cyber threats. We have flawlessly delivered many of the world’s largest live and on-demand media events of the past decade, handled peak online shopping seasons year after year, and thwarted the largest DDoS attacks. We manage the complexities that come with unpredictable audience sizes and deliver great experiences wherever and whenever customers demand them, so companies don’t have to provision for them on their own.